Continuity Shop enter the Business Continuity Institute's Hall of Fame

Jan 28, 2015 13:02 GMT The Business Continuity Institute The BCI is pleased to announce that the first entry to the Hall of Fame is ​​Continuity Shop – the provider of training for so many business continuity professionals, and an organization judged to be Business Continuity Provider of the Year (Service) on several occasions at regional and global awards.

The inevitability of a cyber attack

Jan 26, 2015 13:45 GMT The Business Continuity Institute Research published by ISACA has shown that close to half (46%) of respondents to a global survey of IT professionals expect their organization to face a cyber attack in 2015 and 83% believe cyber attacks are one of the top three threats facing organizations today. Despite this, 86% say there is a global shortage of skilled cyber security professionals.

Sharing the plan with employees

Jan 23, 2015 14:11 GMT The Business Continuity Institute ​A new study titled ‘An inside look at disaster recovery planning’ has revealed just how little employees know about their organization’s planned response to a crisis. In a survey by HOB, 40% of respondents stated that their company either does not have systems in place to protect data in an emergency, or they are not aware of the existence of these procedures.

10 steps to cyber security

Jan 21, 2015 14:55 GMT The Business Continuity Institute The United Kingdom’s GCHQ, in association with the Centre for the P​rotection of National Infrastructure, Cabinet O​ffice and Department for Business Innovation and Skills, have re-issued their ’10 Ste​ps to Cyber Security’ publication, offering updated guidance on the practical steps that organizations can take to improve the security of their networks and the information carried on them.

One third of IT professionals experience disaster recovery

Jan 19, 2015 16:25 GMT The Business Continuity Institute ​More than a third (34%) of IT professionals report their organization has suffered a major incident that has required them to implement disaster recovery procedures. In the event of a disaster or other incident occurring, 51% believe they are only ‘somewhat prepared’ to recover their IT and related assets.

46% of SMBs haven’t considered a business continuity plan

Jan 15, 2015 09:54 GMT The Business Continuity Institute Less than twelve months ago the UK suffered severe flooding in many parts of the country and this can often prove costly. This situation could be further exacerbated within smaller organizations as a new study has shown that 46% of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) haven’t considered a business continuity plan to carry on trading or mitigate losses.

Testing times for the business continuity industry

Jan 14, 2015 11:41 GMT The Business Continuity Institute When was the last time you conducted a business continuity exercise? Were your colleagues enthusiastic participants? It’s not always easy to get buy-in, either from top management who don’t want to fund it, or from your non-BC colleagues who don’t have time to take part.

48% increase in number of detected cyber security incidents

Jan 13, 2015 14:10 GMT The Business Continuity Institute It may not come as a surprise that cyber security incidents are on the rise. Open any newspaper today and you will no doubt come across yet another article highlighting some organization that has become the latest victim of a breach in online security.

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