AquaWear - Dealer Preview (EURO)

Oct 29, 2014 13:27 GMT Digital Yacht

AquaMedia Dealer Preview

Oct 03, 2014 15:03 BST Digital Yacht

Case study - Brummer & Partners

Oct 03, 2014 14:40 BST Technology Nexus AB Brummer & Partners has experienced a considerable client increase since the implementation of the neXus authentication and signing solution.

AIT3000 Press & Dealer Preview Information

Sep 10, 2014 12:06 BST Digital Yacht

AquaWear Brochure

Sep 09, 2014 09:58 BST Digital Yacht

About neXus - Company Profile

Aug 13, 2014 09:08 BST Technology Nexus AB

Unified Threat Management: Benefits of an Integrated Approach to Network Security

Aug 12, 2014 09:15 BST InfosecPartners In this IDC Research Connection, Charles Kolodgy research vice president of the security products practice at IDC answers questions from Fortinet customers.

Case Study - KUKA

Aug 08, 2014 08:56 BST Technology Nexus AB KUKA robots run on a Windows operating system and are often networked. Customers are not permitted to implement system changes themselves without invalidating their support contracts. The lack of a maintenance window exposes systems to the threat of virus infection and breakdowns lead to lost productivity and increased costs. It therefore became imperative to find a solution for this.

Why you need more than a Next Generation or Application Aware Firewall to protect your applications

Jul 31, 2014 23:48 BST InfosecPartners Web applications are attractive targets to hackers as often they are public facing applications that require being open to the internet as they provide major e-commerce and business driving tools. A trusted adviser to significant organisations, and the first ever Fortinet Partner of Excellence in the UK, Infosec Partners delivers valued strategic consulting as well as expert technical services.

Case Study - The Absolut Company

Jul 09, 2014 08:37 BST Technology Nexus AB The Absolut Company aims to bring all of its corporate applications together into one login solution from neXus. Thanks to The Absolut Company’s Always Online concept, users only need to log in with one username and password, and the IT support team receives far fewer enquiries about forgotten passwords.