Nov 10, 2014 12:02 GMT Intrafocus Find out more about QuickScore and look at a typical project

AquaWear - Dealer Preview (EURO)

Oct 29, 2014 13:27 GMT Digital Yacht

AquaMedia Dealer Preview

Oct 03, 2014 15:03 BST Digital Yacht

Case study - Brummer & Partners

Oct 03, 2014 14:40 BST Technology Nexus AB Brummer & Partners has experienced a considerable client increase since the implementation of the neXus authentication and signing solution.

AIT3000 Press & Dealer Preview Information

Sep 10, 2014 12:06 BST Digital Yacht

AquaWear Brochure

Sep 09, 2014 09:58 BST Digital Yacht

About neXus - Company Profile

Aug 13, 2014 09:08 BST Technology Nexus AB

Unified Threat Management: Benefits of an Integrated Approach to Network Security

Aug 12, 2014 09:15 BST InfosecPartners In this IDC Research Connection, Charles Kolodgy research vice president of the security products practice at IDC answers questions from Fortinet customers.

Case Study - KUKA

Aug 08, 2014 08:56 BST Technology Nexus AB KUKA robots run on a Windows operating system and are often networked. Customers are not permitted to implement system changes themselves without invalidating their support contracts. The lack of a maintenance window exposes systems to the threat of virus infection and breakdowns lead to lost productivity and increased costs. It therefore became imperative to find a solution for this.

Why you need more than a Next Generation or Application Aware Firewall to protect your applications

Jul 31, 2014 23:48 BST InfosecPartners Web applications are attractive targets to hackers as often they are public facing applications that require being open to the internet as they provide major e-commerce and business driving tools. A trusted adviser to significant organisations, and the first ever Fortinet Partner of Excellence in the UK, Infosec Partners delivers valued strategic consulting as well as expert technical services.