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Is your business safe from threats to the mailroom?

Jun 20, 2014 16:30 BST Neopost No matter what the size of your business, an inability to adequately invest in your mailroom can affect everything from the efficiency to the cost-effectiveness of your operations. But with many companies now facing continued security threats through both internal and external mail items, a failure to invest could be putting your staff and businesses at risk.

Are We There Yet?

Jun 19, 2014 17:17 BST Cisco Services Connect “I really didn't foresee the Internet. But then, neither did the computer industry. Not that that tells us very much of course--the computer industry didn't even foresee that the century was going to end.” ― Douglas Adams We may have missed the boat on the whole Y2K thing but something amazing is coming this way…

Data encryption: more important than ever? Think so!

Jun 16, 2014 10:28 BST CompareLegalCosts A new report by UK-based law firm FieldFisher details legal obligations for encryption of personal data resulting from both industry compliance regimes, such as PCI DSS, national laws and local regulations.

An unheard opinion is worse than a bad customer experience

Jun 09, 2014 07:39 BST Netigate On a flight between Berlin and Stockholm, our CEO Tobias Thalbäck experienced not only bad service, but also how it feels when you as a customer are not being listened to. Read more about how the airline company handled the situation and Tobias’ thoughts about the importance of closing the feedback loop – not only to listen to your customers, but also to let them know that they have been heard.

Some reflections from IIW XVIII

Jun 06, 2014 15:06 BST Technology Nexus AB The Internet Identity Workshop, IIW, is held twice a year at the Computer Historical Museum in Mountain View. Identity specialists gather at IIW to discuss a wide range of topics in the Identity space, basically a mosaic of all topics you can think of. Topics are discussed in an un-conference manor which means that there is no preset agenda, the agenda is built on site by all participants.

A Winning Formula: Cisco Services Recognised in Comms Dealer Sales Awards

Jun 04, 2014 15:09 BST Cisco Services Connect Cisco Services wins the Vendor Channel Marketing Campaign of the Year award from Comms Dealer magazine for its innovative Services Auto-Quoting Initiative.

Managing the transition to multi-channel customer communications

Jun 04, 2014 12:12 BST Neopost Most people know Neopost for its extensive range of mailing equipment, from franking machines to folder-inserters. Mailing equipment is only part of what Neopost does. It supplies postal operators with advanced parcel management solutions and has expanded its areas of expertise to include data accuracy, address management, digital communications and document management services.

Jun 03, 2014 13:17 BST ComAround The IT department at Järfälla Municipality outside Stockholm has been using web-based self-service as a support channel for seven years. Now they have also opted to introduce Zero Level support into their support strategy and process, as a stage before first line. Read about the IT Manager's reasons and expectations.

May 29, 2014 08:30 BST Demand Solutions (Europe) Limited According to most sources, the concept of economic order quantity (EOQ) was developed in 1913 or 1914. That means we're observing its centennial. Happy birthday, EOQ!

I want my search results changed

May 28, 2014 16:39 BST Schillings Newspapers start to receive Take Down Requests.