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Waging war against rising business costs

Oct 13, 2014 16:49 BST Neopost New figures released this week by the CBI show that the financial services sector is enjoying its strongest period of growth since the 2007 crisis, with a rise in income, profits and recruitment. Despite these encouraging signs, the outlook for the UK economy as a whole remains mixed.

Sorry Google, we’ve written a script to reverse your ‘Close Variant Matching’

Oct 09, 2014 13:03 BST ad:tech London Google 0 – 1 Brainlabs You may have heard that Google are removing exact match at the end of September. They’re telling us that it will give us “control with less complexity” which is really patronising for those sophisticated advertisers who have built systems and workflows around precise match types. It’s just a way of collecting more cash.

Keyword research through a prism called culture – a primer

Oct 09, 2014 10:02 BST ad:tech London When it comes to keyword research, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that tools will do the job of brains. Let’s clear that out from the outset: they won’t. Tools are only as good as their handlers. Give a spanner to a monkey, it’ll find ingenious ways to use it. Give the same spanner to a dog and it goes from tool to toy. Use tools wisely.

Making customer service our priority

Oct 08, 2014 14:46 BST Neopost These days, there's an awareness campaign for everything, from Bubblewrap Appreciation Day and British Pie Week to International Carrot Day and National Doughnut Week. This week, October 6-10, is National Customer Service Week organised by the Institute of Customer Service, which we at Neopost are marking with a series of initiatives in our customer contact centre.

Affiliate marketing: the guesswork of advertising abolished - Charlotte Pizer, The Performance Marketing Network

Oct 08, 2014 07:48 BST ad:tech London As a nation, UK consumers are indefinitely infatuated with their smart phones and mobile devices; this is becoming ever more evident with the increasingly widespread mobile internet and 3 and 4G availability.

Thoughts on digital advertising from hot tech startup BannerFlow

Oct 07, 2014 15:26 BST ad:tech London As part of our brand newsroom partnership with Mynewsdesk, we've offered all ad:tech exhibitors the chance to blog in our online newsroom. First up is Emma Cullen from BannerFlow - a hot new digital advertising startup based in Stockholm with presence in Sweden, USA, UK and Germany.

Visit Neopost at London Calling 2014!

Oct 07, 2014 11:05 BST Neopost Here at Neopost we’re delighted to announce our attendance at the forthcoming London Calling print exhibition this October, in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf. Organised by our partner and leading print finishing equipment supplier Duplo, the event will bring together some of the leading names in the print and finishing business over a two-day event.

Does the buck stop here?

Oct 06, 2014 12:34 BST Schillings Google comes under fire for accommodating, facilitating and perpetuating celeb hack images

Don't be left shellshocked

Oct 01, 2014 00:00 BST Schillings Protecting your data and reputation from Shellshock vulnerability.