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Jan 07, 2014 13:49 GMT FACT-Finder The last part of the article is all about the right business model. With a cross channel strategy, retailers combine the advantages of online and offline distribution.

Otrum News #2 - Happy Holidays!

Jan 02, 2014 14:44 GMT Otrum AS In case you missed the first and Christmas edition of our company newsletter, here is an opportunity to catch up. Please do subscribe, if you haven't done so already. :)

Dec 31, 2013 08:10 GMT FACT-Finder In part I, it was mentioned that efood merchants have to face 2 big challenges: gaining customers and their loyalty. Here are some proposals how to manage both successfully...

A look back over the year reveals trends ahead of 2014

Dec 23, 2013 14:50 GMT ComAround As 2013 draws to a close, in the midst of preparations for the festive period and looking ahead to 2014, I’d like to reflect on past and current trends in the areas of user support and customer service. My reflections are based on the personal “reconnaissance” I’ve carried out in order to keep up to date with new developments and to monitor how companies are managing their customer service.

Your connected things need security!

Dec 23, 2013 14:24 GMT Technology Nexus AB In year 2020 it’s anticipated that between 30-50 billion things in some kind will be connected to a public network. These device will be in various forms but they will all share common needs; they need to authenticate them self to counterparts, they need to validated their counterparts, they need to protect data in motion and data at rest and they need to ensure integrity of the data.

A Year to Remember

Dec 20, 2013 13:48 GMT Relacom 2013 will soon come to an end and it’s been an exciting year for Relacom – one in which both we and the market have made clear strides forward. We’re now looking ahead to a 2014 that promises to be equally exciting and, hopefully, also equally successful.

Dec 19, 2013 15:13 GMT FACT-Finder A new ecommerce trend is attracting Europe’s wide attention of customers, retailers, investors: Purchasing food with one click, picking it up in the store or getting it delivered home – more and more consumers are using online-food-retailing. An Europe-wide study of the Mc Kinsey consultancy, which included 4500 consumers in France, Spain and the United Kingdom, revealed similar results

Cloud services – a hot IT trend nowadays

Dec 17, 2013 13:19 GMT ComAround Using self service technologies in the cloud is a hot trend which is gaining a lot of ground in the market. Companies can now supply world-class services thanks to innovation and the ability to encourage both staff and customers to contribute knowledge and expertise. Of course, this requires both strategy and well-founded choices of technical solutions.

London Boat Show 2014 Ticket Savings – See Us On Stands A225 and A176

Dec 16, 2013 09:25 GMT Digital Yacht Save money on London Boat Show tickets !!

InstrumentChamp Hack-a-tree event in London

Dec 11, 2013 14:09 GMT InstrumentChamp Hack-a-tree event in London with the music city of Oslo, Nordic Connection and the borough of Hackney