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Sleep Cycle Malin is the PR Director for Northcube responsible for all PR and Partnership activities worldwide. Northcube is a Swedish mobile app developer focusing on games and health apps with its head office located in Gothenburg Sweden. One of Northcube's most popular applications is Sleep Cycle alarm clock, helping people around the world wake up easy and giving users the tools they need to...

Leigh Baillie

Pandoras: Devil's Drinking Game

Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts

Andrew Donnelly

BeamYourScreen GmbH

Rasmus Groth Rasmus Groth is an entrepreneur at heart with a lot of experience in the startup scene. Originally trained as an architect, after selling Bit Studios (his successful architecture practice) in 2007, Rasmus turned his entrepreneurial talents to the technology scene, once again drawn in by the process of starting with a problem and a clean sheet of paper and ending up with a very concrete...

Uffe Erup Larsen Uffe Erup Larsen is an experienced Public Relations professional. He loves sharing the good story and seeing it published in magazines, dailies, and on online news sites both locally and internationally. Please contact Uffe Erup Larsen if you're interested in covering Veridu's activities.

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