Safety in traffic tunnels- Lightning and surge protection for electrotechnical systems

Feb 27, 2015 13:50 GMT Phoenix Contact UK This application story presents the set-up of a surge protection concept for road tunnels.

Easily retrofittable current measuring system

Feb 17, 2015 15:50 GMT Phoenix Contact UK Basis for energy management in older plants. This technical article shows the possibilities and benefits of our product to upgrade additional current measuring points in available system of companies in an easy way. These upgrades are made to determine the energy flow so that energy can be used more efficiently.

Présentation produits Digital Yacht 2015

Feb 13, 2015 11:15 GMT Digital Yacht

IEC61850 media converter for the energy sector

Feb 12, 2015 15:45 GMT Phoenix Contact UK Reliable operation even under extreme environmental conditions. This technical article discusses the application of the new Phoenix Contact media converter for power automation.

Redundant power supply concepts- Important contribution to high levels of availability

Feb 10, 2015 15:40 GMT Phoenix Contact UK The high degree of availability of machines and systems installed across the world is a key prerequisite for business success in any industrial sector. Only continuously supplied control cabinet components increase the profitability of the application. For this reason, users are increasingly implementing redundant power supply concepts, which are often combined with redundancy modules.

Surge voltage protection for potentially explosive areas

Feb 05, 2015 15:36 GMT Phoenix Contact UK Plant safety in process engineering must satisfy high demands as reliability and availability are crucial factors for continuous production processes. In order to avoid damages to persons, systems and the environment, a comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept is required. Find out more in this technical article.

Show Preview - Casual Dining 2015

Feb 05, 2015 12:54 GMT Casual Dining Start planning your visit to Casual Dining 2015. Returning to the Business Design Centre in London on 25-26 February, Casual Dining caters specifically to the business needs of casual dining operators (including pubs, bars, hotels, and restaurants). Discover an innovative choice of food and drink, equipment, interior design, furniture, technology and table top from 170 exhibitors.

Industrial laser marking: Faster and easier labelling

Feb 03, 2015 15:32 GMT Phoenix Contact UK Industrial laser marking is used in more and more applications, and its advantages are becoming increasingly evident. The Topmark Laser marking system with more than 400 markers offers a flexible and cost-efficient solution for any terminal block, conductor, cable, and device marking task.

High current on the PCB

Jan 29, 2015 15:21 GMT Phoenix Contact UK This technical article discusses the need for reliable PCB connection technology as well as the solutions to transmit high currents over large conductor cross-sections in a safe and secure way.

Design-in made easy for device plug connectors

Jan 27, 2015 15:15 GMT Phoenix Contact UK SMD technology and a new mechanical housing design. This technical article discusses the design-in possibilities of the M12 device connector in customer applications.