Circular is best!

Jul 29, 2015 14:09 BST Phoenix Contact UK Industry has long been unable to do much without circular plug connectors – small ones for data transmission, middle-sized ones for signals and power, and large ones for the transmission of currents up to 150 A. As a specialist for circular plug connectors, Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive range of circular plug connectors for almost any industrial application – from M5 through to M58.

Web-based status monitoring of fire extinguishing systems for oil tanks

Jul 22, 2015 14:06 BST Phoenix Contact UK The safe storage and processing of crude oil as well as other fossil raw materials are of particular importance not least because of the high risk of explosion. The Dutch company Saval BV has therefore designed a special fire extinguishing system for floating roof tanks. Controllers and I/O modules from the Phoenix Contact Inline modular system enable a web-based status monitoring of the system.

离岸设计中心 (ODC)

Jul 16, 2015 15:12 BST Sondrel Ltd 半导体设计,特别是在最前沿的技术上,所需的设计、验证和物理实现工程师的数量将不断增加。半导体设计行业公司可能希望将设计流程的某些环节外包,以获得专业技能或降低设计成本。 Sondrel 在英国、欧洲大陆和中国建立了经认证的设计中心,由专业的工程团队在经认证的环境中运作。ODC在数据和物理上按照国际安全标准制定,但空间分隔成不同的房间,使客户能按需制定自己的标准。

New power supplies for machine production

Jul 16, 2015 11:33 BST Phoenix Contact UK Mechanical engineering requirements for power supplies are high and diverse. The objective is to attain high levels of reliability and longevity, and to do so under environmental conditions that are often very demanding in terms of vibrations and temperature. Phoenix Contact has met this challenge with its new generation of power supply units: Trio Power.

Industrial operating solutions with multi-touch technology

Jul 15, 2015 11:04 BST Phoenix Contact UK Given ever-increasing competition, companies are looking for characteristics that will set their machines and systems apart from the solutions offered by competitors. The focus of many manufacturers has been on optimising operating devices, which serve as the calling card of the applications they serve.

Secure access to a water treatment plant’s SCADA network

Jul 08, 2015 14:02 BST Phoenix Contact UK The systems integrator Morehouse Engineering has helped users operating in many different industries implement SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems for more than 20 years. Phoenix Contact security appliances are installed at a water treatment plant for the purpose of providing service technicians with remote access to the on-site SCADA network.

Comprehensive grid protection for buildings

Jul 01, 2015 13:59 BST Phoenix Contact UK To operate a building and the electrical devices within it according to safety standards, effective lightning and surge voltage protection is indispensable. The ‘Safe Energy Control’ product range from Phoenix Contact takes lightning and surge voltage protection to a new level with its redesigned spark gap technology.

Electronic multichannel circuit breakers

Jun 24, 2015 14:57 BST Phoenix Contact UK This article explains aspects of protecting a 24 V DC network and presents the features and benefits of the new CBM products.

Functional Verification Consultancy Datasheet

Jun 23, 2015 13:26 BST Sondrel Ltd Functional verification is often the most resource intensive and costly part of the SoC hardware design process. Sondrel’s verification engineering team can enable your verification environment to “shift left”, starting verification early in the design cycle by streamlining testbench development, facilitating faster turnaround times and high quality, reliable designs.

Design for Test (DfT) Consultancy Datasheet

Jun 23, 2015 13:16 BST Sondrel Ltd Good practice in DfT during SoC design and verification can improve time to market and reduce manufacturing costs. Sondrel can provide efficient test strategies with high fault coverage that can significantly benefit our clients with higher quality designs and increased product margins.