Consistent air conditioning in the laboratory

Nov 20, 2014 11:38 GMT Phoenix Contact UK Intelligent surge voltage protection. This article describes how surge protection devices can be used in building automation, especially laboratories.

Deployment of a motor management solution in recovery boilers

Nov 18, 2014 11:30 GMT Phoenix Contact UK This article describes the function of the Contactron motor manager as motor and system protection in machine and plant engineering.

Restructuring the industrial network at Bode Chemie GmbH

Nov 13, 2014 11:09 GMT Phoenix Contact UK Higher availability and flexibility. The availability of machines and facilities is a major competitive factor in industrial production. This article explains how the entire Ethernet network at Bode Chemie GmbH was converted according to their requirements.

High-availability networks with zero changeover delay

Nov 11, 2014 11:55 GMT Phoenix Contact UK Reliable power supply around the clock. This article describes a new standardised network redundancy procedure which will support Phoenix Contact modules in the integration of devices.

AquaWear - Dealer Preview (EURO)

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Sep 22, 2014 13:49 BST Phoenix Contact UK Phoenix Contact is a reliable global partner for the process industry This issue features some examples of how Phoenix Contact is meeting the challenges of the process industry.


Sep 22, 2014 12:00 BST Phoenix Contact UK Distributed power generation- Products and solutions for sustainable power supply. This issue discusses products and solutions that enables you to integrate renewable energy generation systems into your network and also reduce costs at the same time.

AIT3000 Press & Dealer Preview Information

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AquaWear Brochure

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