Comprehensive grid protection for machines

Aug 26, 2015 14:17 BST Phoenix Contact UK There are still system failures caused by lightning and surge voltage – and a comprehensive device product family offers the best protection against this. Phoenix Contact has developed the Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology to make lightning and surge voltage protection for machines and plants even more powerful and long-lasting. This means that a backup fuse is no longer necessary.

Power Integrity Verification Consultancy

Aug 25, 2015 11:30 BST Sondrel Ltd Sondrel Power Integrity Verification Services support verification of power control architectures at all stages of the SoC design process, from exploration of the power intent through to gate level implementation of the power control network. We have extensive skills in planning, testcase development and debugging at both RTL and gate-level. Contact Sondrel today to discuss your IC requirements

Compact controller-based automation on ships

Aug 24, 2015 13:08 BST Phoenix Contact UK As one of the largest providers of drive solutions, including for ships, MTU uses several components and systems from Phoenix Contact. Compact controllers for example ensure that the innumerable measurement points can be connected flexibly and reliably to the control level.

VHPready as standard for virtual power plants

Aug 19, 2015 14:05 BST Phoenix Contact UK Always a stable power grid- Decentralised energy production units can be connected to a virtual power plant for better control of the electricity grid. The VHPready standard, which is supported by the ILC 171 compact controller, significantly streamlines the effort required to implement this kind of power plant.

The intelligent production of tomorrow

Aug 17, 2015 10:58 BST Phoenix Contact UK In terms of Industrie 4.0, Phoenix Contact is already implementing today what many companies still consider a vision of the future. Find out more in this article.

Railway Cabling Systems from a Single Source

Aug 12, 2015 14:13 BST Phoenix Contact UK Increasing cost and time-to-market pressures are to be felt not just in the field of traditional mechanical engineering. Manufacturers of rail vehicles are also increasingly facing these challenges and need to address them accordingly – such as in the area of electrical connections and cabling.

Plastic plug-in connector housing

Aug 05, 2015 14:11 BST Phoenix Contact UK Information technology has inspired a wealth of variety in production. From complex cars to ‘simple’ plug-in connectors. Thanks to the adjustable cable glands, variants have been significantly reduced for the heavy plastic plug-in connectors in the Heavycon Evo product range – which lowers warehouse and logistics costs.

Circular is best!

Jul 29, 2015 14:09 BST Phoenix Contact UK Industry has long been unable to do much without circular plug connectors – small ones for data transmission, middle-sized ones for signals and power, and large ones for the transmission of currents up to 150 A. As a specialist for circular plug connectors, Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive range of circular plug connectors for almost any industrial application – from M5 through to M58.

Web-based status monitoring of fire extinguishing systems for oil tanks

Jul 22, 2015 14:06 BST Phoenix Contact UK The safe storage and processing of crude oil as well as other fossil raw materials are of particular importance not least because of the high risk of explosion. The Dutch company Saval BV has therefore designed a special fire extinguishing system for floating roof tanks. Controllers and I/O modules from the Phoenix Contact Inline modular system enable a web-based status monitoring of the system.

离岸设计中心 (ODC)

Jul 16, 2015 15:12 BST Sondrel Ltd 半导体设计,特别是在最前沿的技术上,所需的设计、验证和物理实现工程师的数量将不断增加。半导体设计行业公司可能希望将设计流程的某些环节外包,以获得专业技能或降低设计成本。 Sondrel 在英国、欧洲大陆和中国建立了经认证的设计中心,由专业的工程团队在经认证的环境中运作。ODC在数据和物理上按照国际安全标准制定,但空间分隔成不同的房间,使客户能按需制定自己的标准。