Security appliances with integrated switch

Nov 24, 2015 13:48 GMT Phoenix Contact UK There is currently a great deal of discussion about the issue of cyber security and its optimisation. But not many businesses have a concrete idea even of the types of dangers against which they must defend themselves. Phoenix Contact provides new devices with innovative functions that effectively protect the network from the many types of attacks.

Repair and maintenance of solar power systems

Nov 18, 2015 13:45 GMT Phoenix Contact UK Solar systems use a simple, manageable technology that home owners and businesses can use to contribute to CO2 reduction. The fact that there is great interest in solar energy can be seen in the steadily growing number of solar installation companies. Their staff must have technical knowledge if the solar power systems are to function reliably.

Circuit breaker boards- Decentralised protection of machines and systems

Nov 17, 2015 13:38 GMT Phoenix Contact UK Production systems should always become more compact and more modular, making them easier to expand. Decentralisation is of great importance for signal processing and power distribution. But system availability is decisive for business success. The new circuit breaker boards from Phoenix Contact support these trends.

Electronics housings in practice

Nov 12, 2015 13:35 GMT Phoenix Contact UK Device manufacturers specialise in electronics. When it comes to packaging these electronics in a housing, this is usually handled by the team’s electromechanical experts. Still, is this always the best approach, or can it also make sense to choose a suitable housing at an earlier stage?

Knife-disconnect terminals in process technology

Nov 10, 2015 13:32 GMT Phoenix Contact UK Process engineering systems feature many sensors and actuators that allow ongoing processes to be measured and controlled directly from the control centre. During commissioning, maintenance, or system errors, the signals of these field devices must be quickly, easily, and locally accessible or entirely isolated from the control loop.

Pressemittelung, german version

Nov 09, 2015 13:37 GMT Elmia AB Neun Unternehmen und Organisationen präsentieren gemeinsam schwedische Innovationskraft auf der landwirtschaftlichen Weltausstellung Agritechnica vom 8.–14. November. Ein ebenso wichtiger Aspekt der Messeteilnahme ist es jedoch, neue Trends und Technologien für die Innovationen der Zukunft kennen zu lernen.

Sweden Innovation Power

Nov 09, 2015 13:37 GMT Elmia AB The secret behind Sweden's innovation successes is collaboration between companies, institutes, advisory bodies and universities. Platforms for new contacts, dialogue and co-production of innovative processes play an important role as well. This is Sweden Innovation Power.

Reliably pluggable in the field- Sensor/actuator cabling with M12 plug-in connectors

Nov 05, 2015 10:41 GMT Phoenix Contact UK M12 plug-in connectors are widely used for field installation – and there is a reason why they are often the first choice. Numerous variants of the design offer the user a reliable and economical interface. A number of things must be considered during component selection – both for moulded and for freely configurable plug-in connectors.

Marshalling patchboards- Greater signal wiring flexibility

Nov 03, 2015 10:32 GMT Phoenix Contact UK When marshalling signals, the use of rigid shapes and installation exclusively as panel feedthrough are a thing of the past. The demand is now for stackable and frameless marshalling designs which make signal wiring more flexible while saving space. With its PTMC product line, Phoenix Contact is introducing a new generation of stackable marshalling patchboards.

Signal K - A Digital Yacht white paper

Oct 26, 2015 08:00 GMT Digital Yacht