Jamie Bantleman

FeFitness Jamie can offer services from BioSignature Analysis and personal training to hosting and teaching seminars and group training sessions. He will be on hand every day while you are striving towards your goal, he is as committed as you are to you achieving your health and fitness objectives.

Dan Mhende

FeFitness I continue to broaden my knowledge within the health and fitness industry to ensure all of my clients benefit from an excellent workout that is challenging, motivating and fun.

Ronni McKay

FeFitness I have worked as a personal trainer and been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. I cannot say it is simply my job, it is my life. It is the core of my being to wake up every day and know I can help, motivate, educate and inspire others.

Pradeep Bala

FeFitness I believe in the physical comprehension of the application of knowledge. Educating clients whom are willing to learn the core principles for the longevity of their health in the most optimally efficient manner is my objective. With an open mind that acts like a sponge with the hunger for more knowledge, it’s set me with helping & working with like-minded, positive, optimistic and passionate...

Justin Maguire

FeFitness Having worked in the fitness industry for the last 15 years I have seen many trends come and go and along the way been witness to people changing their lives and making real changes. As with any process there are going to be pros and cons which is why I decided to take my years of knowledge and real time experience to produce a facility to encompasses realistic results based training and...

Benn Achilleas

Playabl Founder of Playabl. Award-winning. Business owner. Event speaker. Digital and Social Marketing expert. Global brand client base. Millions of consumers engaged. Massive sports fan. An experienced, award-winning, business owner with over a decade of digital and social experience, and an extensive professional and personal contact book across both the leading brands and agencies,...

Nora Felin
Richard Martin
Ann-Louise Maidlow