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25 days left until the release of Sustainable Brand Index™ 2015

Feb 26, 2015 07:00 GMT Sustainable Brand Insight With only 25 days left until the release of Sustainable Brand Index 2015 it is our pleasure to introduce Sustainable Throwback Thursday! Every Thursday until the 23rd of March we will publish a blog post analyzing interesting facts from the previous four indexes. Will this year’s index be similar to last year’s? Find out on the 23rd!

Talking careers

Feb 25, 2015 11:54 GMT Zoodikers It’s a strange day when you’re back at University standing at the front of a lecture theatre, telling students that there is life after being a dedicated undergrad (it’s a hard sell). But that’s what my colleague Gina and I did in January.

How to improve your videos through simple lighting techniques

Feb 24, 2015 15:43 GMT Zoodikers Lighting is one of the most important aspects of video production, regardless of what camera you have or how good your talent is. If your scene is poorly lit, your video will not be engaging and chances are, you will not see results.

About Pearlfinders

Feb 24, 2015 09:00 GMT Pearlfinders It’s about a natural curiosity, to dig deeper, to question everything. #Pearlfinding

One month left until the release of Sustainable Brand Index™ 2015

Feb 23, 2015 17:26 GMT Sustainable Brand Insight With only one month left until our award ceremony and the release of Sustainable Brand Index 2015 it is high time to start the countdown. Every Monday until the 23rd of mars a new trend from Sustainable Brand Index 2015 will be released. Today we release the first trend: Sustainability is now more present in the consumer’s discussions than ever before.

CBI: Chief Executives and the role of digital channels

Feb 23, 2015 17:17 GMT Zoodikers Earlier in February I had the pleasure of attending a select Policy Lunch at Westminster, hosted by Neil Carmichael MP, Chairman of Conservative Europe Group, with guest speaker Katja Hall, Deputy Director-General, CBI.

Gate allocation – an advanced jig-saw puzzle

Feb 23, 2015 12:46 GMT Oslo Lufthavn AS Think back to your childhood when you put together jig-saw puzzles on the floor. Then replace the pieces with planes, multiply the size by a thousand, and throw in time pressure and a desire to provide the best possible service to both passengers and airlines. This describes the workday of the crew responsible for gate allocation.

Family Friendly Half-Term Escape At Stoke Park

Feb 19, 2015 11:19 GMT Stoke Park ​Half-term is upon us, the house may be buzzing – but fear not here at ​Stoke Park, we can ensure your half-term is stress free. With a number of different activities to choose from, these will not only entertain the ​children but will create an experience for the whole family to enjoy.

PR is dead? Not really, but it's what you do that matters

Feb 18, 2015 07:55 GMT Mynewsdesk Recently Unilever CEO Paul Polman was voted number one in PRWeek’s 2015 Powerbook, the UK PR industries bible of those that matter in the world of communications.

Brands in Sustainable Brand Index 2015 released today

Feb 18, 2015 07:00 GMT Sustainable Brand Insight ​Today the brands that will be part of Sustainable Brand Index2015 are released. The index this year will be bigger than ever before, including over 700 brands in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.