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Special Briefing: A new social etiquette

Oct 24, 2014 11:00 BST Pearlfinders What brands now expect from rights-holders in terms of social activation

Tech brands as publishers: seminar presentation Ad:Tech 2014

Oct 24, 2014 08:30 BST Our Newsroom Having asked you, our digital PR and communications professionals, about your top challenges, and as we're currently reviewing the state of newsrooms belonging to 70 of the world's top tech brands, I wanted to share some of the insights we've come across that could make your newsroom a better place!

About Pearlfinders

Oct 23, 2014 12:53 BST Pearlfinders It’s about a natural curiosity, to dig deeper, to question everything. #Pearlfinding

Blog: Rise of the Maths Men

Oct 23, 2014 12:52 BST Pearlfinders Following Martin Sorrell's keynote at Ad:Tech, Mike Thorne asks what agencies can do to accommodate brands' appetite for "maths men"

The Professional Copywriters' Network Conference: What makes a great story?

Oct 23, 2014 08:00 BST Our Newsroom Mynewsdesk was a proud sponsor of The Professional Copywriters' Network Conference, held in London in September. We met Ogilvy's UK vice chairman and TED speaker Rory Sutherland, and other creatives, who told us what they think makes a great story.

The Hidden Costs of Handling Mail and Documents Manually

Oct 22, 2014 14:00 BST Neopost Businesses need to process incoming mail so that documents or items reach the recipient as quickly as possible, with minimal damage or manual intervention. Getting it right means less manual effort and faster responses to customers or opportunities. Failure to overcome this logistical challenge however, can have an extremely detrimental impact on operations and even profitability.

Five Simple Steps To A Successful Wedding . . . .

Oct 17, 2014 16:38 BST Stoke Park When it comes to weddings- there is a lot to plan, from deciding your ideal location to selecting the perfect photographer to capture every minute of the big day. To ensure this process is simple and stress-free, our experienced wedding co-ordinator has put together these steps to ensure your wedding is perfect from start to finish.

Rebecca Garrett Media launches "Winning Moments"

Oct 17, 2014 11:23 BST ad:tech London Rebecca Garrett Media is extending their consumer reach with the launch of their forward facing online magazine; Winning ★ Moments

Do you use the CPA model for e-marketing metrics?

Oct 17, 2014 11:18 BST ad:tech London One of the most widely used marketing tools that we as marketers use is email. We look at emails daily on multiple devices, be that a phone, tablet or desktop. We read emails at home, work and on the go. It is an amazingly powerful tool and is a must for marketing to the modern generation, where emails are checked on an hourly basis... at the very least.

Do your company email signatures shed a good light on your brand?

Oct 17, 2014 10:59 BST ad:tech London As part of our brand newsroom partnership with Mynewsdesk, we've offered all ad:tech exhibitors the chance to blog in our online newsroom. We sent some questions across to Henry McIntosh, Marketing Manager at Crossware Mail Signature to understand how they're helping marketers' control their brand perception today.