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Recharge4040 | Constraints

Apr 16, 2014 13:37 BST Recharge 40 | 40

Apr 15, 2014 11:03 BST M-Brain The starting point for measuring your earned social media presence is as simple as the starting point for measuring editorial media: everything should start from your organization’s current objectives. From these, communications team should come up with its social media goals and relevant metrics to track the success of them. These goals should support the wider objectives of the organization.

Recharge4040 | Resource Exhaustion

Apr 14, 2014 17:04 BST Recharge 40 | 40

6 SEO wins from the brand newsroom approach

Apr 02, 2014 11:39 BST Mynewsdesk “Search engine optimisation” (SEO) is much less about mastering keywords and SEO tricks to boost your ranking. Instead you must focus on creating high quality, engaging content that your target audiences will be interested in and want to share. In other words, adopt the brand newsroom approach...

Top of the PR pops: March highlights

Apr 01, 2014 12:49 BST Mynewsdesk March has flown by in a flash and it's been packed full of interesting campaigns to keep the PR industry talking and entertained. For our monthly round up I'm keeping it short and sweet but I'd love to hear about your favourite recent campaigns, research pieces you've found most interesting or crises that have made you cringe, so please tweet us or leave a wee comment below

Mar 31, 2014 15:38 BST Altboost Most of you have probably already experienced a huge volume of clicks with very few conversions while running display ad campaigns on the Google network. Does it mean that display network advertising is not working for you? Not necessarily.

Part 1: Service Desks' biggest challenge

Mar 27, 2014 08:55 GMT ComAround Most of Sweden's IT managers believe web-based self-service provides effective support. They also think the biggest challenge is to get users to solve their problems using web-based self-service instead of contacting support staff. This is part one in an upcoming series of blog articles that will give you tools to successfully increase the use of web-based self-service

Mar 26, 2014 16:31 GMT Reflect Digital

Reducing the business carbon footprint

Mar 11, 2014 13:59 GMT Neopost Paul Hinkins, Product Marketing Manager at Neopost explains how scanning enables organisations of all sizes to cut costs, improve productivity and work more flexibly.

Challenging the Gender Gap in PR

Mar 08, 2014 11:34 GMT Mynewsdesk As it's International Women's Day I wanted to ask one of my female PR role models, Sara Robinson the Managing Director of Cake Communications, about her experience as a women in the PR industry, her thoughts on why this gender gap exists and her advice for women looking to start their own agency.