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DeadSocial’s ‘Dying Matters Awareness Week Pop-up Shop’ Returns To London

Apr 21, 2014 07:40 BST DeadSocial DeadSocial will be running the ‘Dying Matters Awareness Week Pop-Up shop’ in London. During the week a series of events, workshops and meetups will occur. The 'You only die once' art exhibition will run over the course of the week and include an interactive 'end of life art installation'. All of the events are free and the general public and Healthcare professionals are invited to come along.

UK councils failing to fully utilise the digital technology they are investing in

Apr 16, 2014 13:50 BST Mynewsdesk New research has found local authorities in the UK have invested substantial efforts into developing a good online newsroom infrastructure but have failed to optimise their newsrooms for mobile or connect them to their social media channels. This means there is much room for improvement in the ways councils engage with their residents, the media and other stakeholders.

The UK’s biggest travel brands are failing to engage with mobile users

Apr 16, 2014 13:49 BST Mynewsdesk The UK’s biggest travel companies are failing to engage with the media, consumers and stakeholders on mobile devices by not optimising their online newsrooms for mobile, with only one of the top 10 UK companies in the travel sector offering a responsively designed newsroom.

UK High Street brands failing to engage on digital, with 40% lacking an online newsroom

Apr 16, 2014 13:49 BST Mynewsdesk New research suggests the UK’s biggest High Street brands are failing to adequately engage with the media and stakeholders, with four of the top 10 brands failing to provide an online newsroom and the remaining six falling short in multiple crucial areas.

UK organisations behind global average in newsroom best practice

Apr 16, 2014 13:49 BST Mynewsdesk New research has found some of the UK’s biggest brands and organisations are failing to engage with the media, consumers and key stakeholders by not optimising their online newsrooms for mobile browsing and overlooking the importance of multimedia content.

Engineering consultant saves 67% on heating costs with green heating system

Apr 15, 2014 15:01 BST WeAreSparkle A Newcastle-based energy savings’ company has completed a £45,000 contract to install a new heating system for an engineering consultant’s business centre in the city.

Apr 15, 2014 13:51 BST WeAreSparkle A popular Northumbrian pub has arranged an SOS package especially for couples looking for an alternative wedding venue after the sudden closure of Longhirst Hall, near Morpeth.

 Exciting project on support publication of Cookbook ‘Soulflavours – Free Your Food’ by Stephanie Seege

Apr 14, 2014 16:16 BST Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce

AVEQIA London serves up a delicious Swedish Smörgåsbord in the heart of the City

Apr 12, 2014 22:26 BST CloseUp PR AVEQIA, the only Swedish Active Cooking venue in the City of London has launched the Smörgåsbord at AVEQIA in 2 St Bride Street, London EC4 with the assistance of award-winning Swedish Chef Roland Persson, as ‘Guest Chef’. “There’s a growing trend for Swedish food in London and I’m proud that AVEQIA serves only the highest quality", says David Berggren, Founder and CEO of AVEQIA.