Nov 25, 2015 12:54 GMT Moray Council No treatment tonight.

New P8 maritime patrol aircraft to be based at RAF Lossiemouth

Nov 23, 2015 14:15 GMT Moray Council A new fleet of maritime patrol aircraft is to be based at RAF Lossiemouth.

Eurofound puts spotlight on drivers of job creation in SMEs

Nov 19, 2015 07:30 GMT Eurofound Despite the ongoing focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by policymakers and academics little is known of the underlying drivers of successful job creation in SMEs. In an effort to close this knowledge gap, Eurofound carried out comprehensive research looking at SMEs across the EU28. These are the first findings, the full report will be available early in 2016.

Irish Government signs seat agreement with Eurofound

Nov 10, 2015 15:28 GMT Eurofound A Memorandum of Understanding and Seat Agreement between the Government of Ireland and Eurofound was signed today by Dara Murphy, T.D. Minister for European Affairs and Data Protection and Juan Menéndez-Valdés, Director, Eurofound.

Developments in working life annual review shows a Europe in flux

Nov 06, 2015 10:00 GMT Eurofound The Developments in Working Life in Europe 2014 annual review, which is part of a series of annual reviews published by Eurofound, shows that Europe is undergoing significant changes in terms of its economy, industrial relations and working conditions. Although progress is being made in all three areas, the enduring economic crisis has made this progress both fragile and unequal.

Practical Action welcomes DFID commitment to power Africa

Oct 26, 2015 17:12 GMT Practical Action Practical Action global energy advocate Aaron Leopold welcomes DFID's new commitment to bringing energy into Africa and their partnership with Power for All

Industry seeking a Nordic transport plan

Oct 08, 2015 16:41 BST Elmia AB Establish a Nordic transport plan. That was the clear message from the sector during Wednesday’s key seminar at Elmia Future Transport, Industry’s Vision for Better Transport in the Nordic Region. “The national transport plans only extend as far as the borders – and barely that,” said Are Kjensli, Director of NHO Logistics and Transport.

Siyuan wants to speed up the process

Oct 07, 2015 14:44 BST Elmia AB ​The process is far too slow. This is according to Yu Xing, Chief Engineer at Siyuan’s International Business department – and he is of course talking about high-speed tracks in Sweden. “We could build them in five years,” he says.

Passenger focus increasingly important

Oct 07, 2015 14:15 BST Elmia AB ​Buses, routes and keeping to a tight timetable have always been the main priorities. But during the seminar entitled Who owns the relationship with the passenger?, the focus was firmly on the customer. - Once we’ve expanded public transport as far as possible, the industry is quite widely agreed that the next step is customer orientation,” said Henrik Dagnäs, Head of Marketing at Nobina.

Key seminars broadcast live

Oct 07, 2015 14:06 BST Elmia AB This year, Elmia is broadcasting its key seminars live online for anyone who can’t be in Jönköping.