Solicitors attack MoD. Millions of ££ later, MoD fights back!

Dec 19, 2014 17:01 GMT CompareLegalCosts Who is getting abused here: Iraqis or the UK legal system? Here's your tax pounds at work: attacking the MOD for attacking Iraqis. One thing's for sure, Birmingham-based solicitors PIL made £900,000 out of it. But was the case justifiable? The debate continues.

Innovate UK responds to BIS select committee report on Business-University collaboration

Dec 01, 2014 00:01 GMT Innovate UK Innovate UK Chief Executive Iain Gray has welcomed the report of the BIS Select committee on Business-University collaboration

Here's a great idea: the EU Unitary Patent System

Nov 24, 2014 12:32 GMT CompareLegalCosts Patents are essential but time consuming and more than a bit confusing--and a huge revenue source for patent lawyers. While CLC helps with getting you a fixed fee from your patent attorney, now the EU is looking to centralize the patent process. Huge savings!

London Breast Institute introduces a new 2nd Generation Breast Prognostic Test in partnership with Myriad Genetics.

Oct 25, 2014 00:05 BST Myriad Genetics Ltd

The future of the European Social Model – New perspectives for industrial relations, social and employment policy in Europe?

Sep 10, 2014 15:45 BST Eurofound Eurofound hosts the 2014 annual Industrial Relations Europe Conference (IREC) between 11-12 September 2014. The event gathers Europe's leading Industrial Relations experts and researchers, sharing research findings and looking ahead to new perspectives for industrial relations, social and employment policies in Europe.

U.S. and UK Security & Intelligence Services domestic operatios against Muslim citizens

Aug 29, 2014 11:29 BST AL Jazeera Both the US., and the UK governments' intelligence services have on numerous occasions violated their own citizen's rights in addition to violating their own country's constitutions by conducting clandestine operations at home against citizens of their own country from the Muslim communities with the assistance of their domestic security services

Democracy and Freedom are still elusive in Sudan

Aug 23, 2014 12:48 BST AL Jazeera Almost 30 years ago a medical researcher for the World Health Organization was killed by Sudan's intelligence service for suspecting of being an Israeli spy, a charge both his family and the Israeli government denies. Until today his body was never recovered and the government of Sudan denies any involvement and its security service refuses to comment.

Denbighshire County Council elect Neopost to improve their communications

Jul 29, 2014 16:17 BST Neopost Neopost, a leading solutions provider in the postal and related digital communications industry, have supplied The Electoral Services Department for Denbighshire County Council with a DS-35 folder inserter. Based in Ruthin the department is responsible for producing the Annual Register of Electors, managing the electoral process for approximately 45,000 properties and 75,000 electors.

Schillings Proud to Support Pitch @ Palace

Jul 14, 2014 12:01 BST Schillings Schillings assist new UK start-ups through an initiative promoting entrepreneurship.

Neopost wins Business Info Editors Choice award for its Returned Mail Manager software solution

Jul 07, 2014 16:00 BST Neopost Neopost, the UK’s leading provider of mailroom solutions, announced today that it has won a Business Info Editor’s Choice award for its Returned Mail Manager software solution (RMM-100). RMM-100 captures data through a handheld scanner in order to quickly process undelivered mail, track customer responses and update customer records.