The future of the European Social Model – New perspectives for industrial relations, social and employment policy in Europe?

Sep 10, 2014 15:45 BST Eurofound Eurofound hosts the 2014 annual Industrial Relations Europe Conference (IREC) between 11-12 September 2014. The event gathers Europe's leading Industrial Relations experts and researchers, sharing research findings and looking ahead to new perspectives for industrial relations, social and employment policies in Europe.

Main street Oslo dressed for the EuroPride Party

Jun 23, 2014 15:50 BST Oslo Pride Today the main street of Oslo got dressed for the EuroPride party. Karl Johans gate is decorated with banners advertiseing our festival. In the pictures are real people from Oslo. Real people – real pride!

Workshop for journalists

Jun 17, 2014 07:29 BST Oslo Pride Turning the Page of Hate: How Journalists Can Combat Sexual Bias.

Work preferences after 50

Jun 16, 2014 10:05 BST Eurofound Part-time work facilitates a better work–life balance – particularly, it seems, for people aged 50+. Among people aged 50+, both in and out of employment, there is a preference for more part-time options. Today we launch our new Foundation Findings - 3EQLS Policy Brief - on Work preferences after 50.

Social dialogue in micro and small companies in Europe

May 26, 2014 13:18 BST Eurofound Micro and small companies constitute the backbone of private business in Europe. Despite their crucial place in the economy, there has been little research on role of social dialogue for good working conditions, and implementing health & safety at the workplace, in micro and small companies. Eurofound's new report out today is about to change that.

Families feeling the brunt of increasing social inequalities in Europe

Apr 29, 2014 09:55 BST Eurofound Eurofound publishes a report which looks at families in the economic crisis, and outlines relevant kinds of policies and services that can best protect families from the risks of poverty and social exclusion, in such areas as social protection benefits, housing, childcare and healthcare. The findings are presented at a Greek EU Presidency conference in Athens, Greece, today 29 April.

How we present the EuroPride programme

Apr 14, 2014 10:39 BST Oslo Pride Oslo Pride unveils how the EuroPride programme will be presented.

Follow the debate: Citizen action for better family policies #FamiliesVOTE2014

Mar 27, 2014 14:30 GMT Eurofound What can the European Union do for families in terms of improved well-being, work-life balance and care? The countdown is ON for the #FamiliesVOTE2014 debate 13:00 - 15:00 CET on 28 March, aimed at helping families make the choice for the 2014 European Parliament elections #EP2014..

2014: Citizen Action for better family policies #FamiliesVOTE2014 debate

Mar 18, 2014 10:45 GMT Eurofound The economic crisis has hit EU countries hard, and the unemployment rate of women and young people have risen to unprecedented levels. This puts a lot of pressure on families, and the EU as a whole. What can be done to ensure young people have either a job, or an internship or a place in education or training? Join the debate on what the EU can and will do for families’ wellbeing on 28 March.

Bullied workers report significantly higher levels of work-related ill-health

Feb 04, 2014 10:45 GMT Eurofound Workplace violence is a social phenomenon of a certain magnitude. Overall, approximately 6% of European workers report having experienced some form of workplace violence, either physical or psychological, in the past 12 months. Eurofound has charted and monitored workplace violence since 1995, and its latest Foundation Findings show big differences between countries and sectors.