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25 days left until the release of Sustainable Brand Index™ 2015

Feb 26, 2015 07:00 GMT Sustainable Brand Insight With only 25 days left until the release of Sustainable Brand Index 2015 it is our pleasure to introduce Sustainable Throwback Thursday! Every Thursday until the 23rd of March we will publish a blog post analyzing interesting facts from the previous four indexes. Will this year’s index be similar to last year’s? Find out on the 23rd!

One month left until the release of Sustainable Brand Index™ 2015

Feb 23, 2015 17:26 GMT Sustainable Brand Insight With only one month left until our award ceremony and the release of Sustainable Brand Index 2015 it is high time to start the countdown. Every Monday until the 23rd of mars a new trend from Sustainable Brand Index 2015 will be released. Today we release the first trend: Sustainability is now more present in the consumer’s discussions than ever before.

Brands in Sustainable Brand Index 2015 released today

Feb 18, 2015 07:00 GMT Sustainable Brand Insight ​Today the brands that will be part of Sustainable Brand Index2015 are released. The index this year will be bigger than ever before, including over 700 brands in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

3 Topics for Sustainable Brands in 2015

Feb 13, 2015 08:35 GMT Sustainable Brand Insight 3 relevant topics for building Sustainable Brands in 2015. Vertical Integration, Celebrity Endorsement and Brand Collaboration.

Why we need Technology Justice

Jul 10, 2014 16:49 BST Practical Action Practical Action CEO Simon Trace introduces the concept of technology Justice and why it matters so much.

Don't Buy This Beer

Mar 05, 2014 13:55 GMT Sustainable Brand Insight On Black Friday 2011, the unprecedented marketing campaign Don’t Buy This Jacket by the apparel brand Patagonia hit the media declaring war on consumerism. The purpose was to alert people on the importance of not buying and then throwing useless things away. This angle was as controversial as it was successful. Since then, Patagonia is perceived as one of the most sustainable brands in the world.

'Post-Death control of Digital Assets'. A CDAS Seminar at the University of Bath

Jan 02, 2014 21:40 GMT DeadSocial James Norris (CEO, DeadSocial) will explore how physical assets are heavily intertwined with death, mourning and the rituals behind grieving on the 21st February at the University of Bath. Assets are often used as a way for the living to feel connected to the deceased and to bridge a gap between life and death.

Aspire and World Human Rights Day

Dec 04, 2013 08:00 GMT Aspire 10th December will mark 65 years since the United Nations General Assembly's adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the run up to the day, we will be looking at seven articles in the Declaration. We will be highlighting the shortfalls of progress and how we should be improving to ensure we are meeting the obligations that we have signed up to as a nation.

Keeping the flame alive - Aspire Campaigns Blog

Nov 19, 2013 10:40 GMT Aspire Yesterday, a House of Lords select Committee published a report on the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Committee has been specifically set up and tasked to look into this issue.

The failings of the Work Capability Assessment; who is to blame?

Aug 09, 2013 12:32 BST Aspire The last two weeks have not seen the best headlines for Atos healthcare, the company that has had the monopoly on delivering the controversial Work Capability Assessments (WCA) since Employment Support Allowance (ESA) came into existence in 2008.