AfroAsia Week Ganiat has extensive experience as a creative and business consultant specialising in events, enterprise, fashion and entertainment and renewable solar energy consulting. She hold an honours degree in Microbiology and other additional professional qualifications in project management, IT , Creative , Branding, Software, Web development and more. She is a fully registered and insured...

Colin Neighbourhood Partnership

Ann-Charlotte Johansson
Brian Davey
Cheryl Randeria
Hans Dubois

Eurofound Hans Dubois joined the Living Conditions and Quality of Life Unit at Eurofound as a research officer in April 2010. He works on social services provision in the area of household over-indebtedness. Hans studied Economics, and Medical Biology, at the University of Amsterdam. He worked for more than three years with the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies in Madrid. ...

Tom Sanders
Marcel Schreur aka Mas.s
Christina Clynes
Josie Gray - Currently on Maternity Leave