Christian Welz

Eurofound Christian Welz, from Germany, is a senior programme manager. Christian coordinates a cluster of projects and develops expertise and quality of research in the field of industrial relations. He is in charge of the European Industrial Relations Dictionary (EIRD) and a number of IR governance projects (European Social Dialogue, European Semester, representativeness, quality of industrial...

Colin Neighbourhood Partnership

Heidi Wold
Brian Davey
Cheryl Randeria
Hans Dubois

Eurofound Hans Dubois joined the Living Conditions and Quality of Life Unit at Eurofound as a research officer in April 2010. He works on social services provision in the area of household over-indebtedness. Hans studied Economics, and Medical Biology, at the University of Amsterdam. He worked for more than three years with the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies in Madrid. ...

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Marcel Schreur aka Mas.s
Christina Clynes
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