Traffic figures August 2015

Sep 04, 2015 07:00 BST Norwegian

London Midland's September 2015 stakeholder newsletter

Sep 03, 2015 08:30 BST London Midland In this edition – Our trains top the reliability tables. Great Malvern is officially ‘excellent’. Hundreds turn out for the Nuneaton rail crash anniversary. We find a local hero. News on changing trains south of Northampton and much more.

Power-over-Ethernet switch with Gigabit Ethernet

Sep 02, 2015 14:46 BST Phoenix Contact UK Cameras and imaging systems are often used to monitor, rationalise and optimise industrial production processes. Devices with Gigabit Ethernet interface provide raw data of high bandwith that can be further processed afterwards. Find out more about this technology in this technical article.


Sep 01, 2015 15:04 BST Virgin Trains East Coast A full downloadable copy of Virgin Trains East Coast's Red Report for the six months to 1 September 2015

Axioline F I/O system for energy technology

Aug 31, 2015 11:43 BST Phoenix Contact UK The move toward green energy in Germany, as well as global challenges to the protection of climate and resources, are presenting major challenges to society and to the power industry. The creation of IEC 61850 presents an international norm for the uniform design of communication networks and systems, and the Axioline F I/O system from Phoenix Contact supports it.

Interim report Q2 2015

Aug 29, 2015 08:05 BST Avinor

Comprehensive grid protection for machines

Aug 26, 2015 14:17 BST Phoenix Contact UK There are still system failures caused by lightning and surge voltage – and a comprehensive device product family offers the best protection against this. Phoenix Contact has developed the Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology to make lightning and surge voltage protection for machines and plants even more powerful and long-lasting. This means that a backup fuse is no longer necessary.

Compact controller-based automation on ships

Aug 24, 2015 13:08 BST Phoenix Contact UK As one of the largest providers of drive solutions, including for ships, MTU uses several components and systems from Phoenix Contact. Compact controllers for example ensure that the innumerable measurement points can be connected flexibly and reliably to the control level.

RAC public policy sheet - Fuel

Aug 19, 2015 16:24 BST RAC Media Centre The RAC is launching a set of policy sheets establishing our public positions for stakeholders and policy makers. With more than eight million members, the RAC is the oldest and one of the UK's most progressive motoring organisations, providing services for private and business motorists. It's our members that help us form the key messages we take to policy makers. Last updated: 19th August 2015

VHPready as standard for virtual power plants

Aug 19, 2015 14:05 BST Phoenix Contact UK Always a stable power grid- Decentralised energy production units can be connected to a virtual power plant for better control of the electricity grid. The VHPready standard, which is supported by the ILC 171 compact controller, significantly streamlines the effort required to implement this kind of power plant.