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Hassness: Lakeland’s hidden treasure

Oct 28, 2014 14:39 GMT Ramblers Worldwide Holidays Darren Fields is new to our team and to the joys of walking holidays in the UK. So we sent him to Hassness, our very own country house on the shores of Buttermere in the Lake District, to break in his new walking boots. Now he can’t wait to go back…

Women’s Activity Week Inspires in More Ways Than One

Oct 21, 2014 16:17 BST Ramblers Worldwide Holidays When Yve joined our Women’s Activity Week, she expected hill walking, yoga and Pilates, morning jogging, Nordic walking, aerobics and circuit training, even morning dips in the lake. What she didn’t expect was to be moved to poetry! Here she shares her thoughts in verse, as well as a very atmospheric watercolour she painted while in the Lakes.

Caribbean Cruise Highlights

Oct 21, 2014 15:59 BST Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Ahh, the Caribbean… Sun, sea, sand and cocktails are just a few of the things we associate with this world-famous region of relaxation that consists of more than 700 idyllic islands. A favourite amongst holidaymakers from all over the world, the Caribbean is perfect for those who are looking to get away from it all and recharge their batteries in seaborne serenity.

From Desert to Jungle in Bolivia...

Oct 17, 2014 10:03 BST Ramblers Worldwide Holidays David Kay, Product Manager, explores Bolivia on foot, brand new to our programme for 2015. Triumph Over TripAdvisor

Oct 16, 2014 14:54 BST

Oct 02, 2014 15:26 BST Ramblers Worldwide Holidays

Our top 5 European cruises from the UK

Sep 29, 2014 17:14 BST Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Embark on a Fred. Olsen cruise from the UK for a chance to experience Europe like never before! Departing from ten UK ports, our European cruises venture as far as the beautiful Baltic borders in the north, to the sunny climes of the Mediterranean in the south. In case you’re stuck for holiday ideas, we’ve put together a shortlist of our top 5 European cruises for you to consider.

Sep 25, 2014 08:30 BST Ramblers Worldwide Holidays

Sep 23, 2014 11:54 BST Ramblers Worldwide Holidays

Sep 16, 2014 13:06 BST Ramblers Worldwide Holidays