Jump for Hope – BIMobject’s charity project

Nov 26, 2015 08:21 GMT BIMobject® BIMobject runs an annual charity project to improve the quality of life of those who are less fortunate. The goal is to promote social participation and satisfy human needs in other countries. In this year's charity project, orphanages and families in need in Kraków, Poland will be visited. They will be provided with necessities, clothing, food and toys so they will have a memorable Christmas.


Nov 26, 2015 08:20 GMT BIMobject® Clestra Hauserman is a global company producing partition walls, as well as being a partner to the construction industry. The company now offers their first products on the BIMobject Cloud. These objects have been developed in Revit 2015 by the company’s engineers. Users will be able to download two different bright and transparency partitions and one modular and movable partition.


Nov 26, 2015 08:20 GMT BIMobject® Sika, global leader in specialty construction chemicals, now releases their first series of BIM objects developed in collaboration with BIMobject. The four flooring systems are available in Revit and ArchiCAD, with embedded technical data such as: indoor air VOC emission classifications, slip resistance, reaction to fire, CE conformity and various EN and ISO standards qualifications.


Nov 19, 2015 13:59 GMT BIMobject® Reynaers is a leading European specialist in the development of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain walling, sliding systems, sunscreening and conservatories. Reynaers has now published Revit objects for windows and glass doors on the BIMobject Cloud.


Nov 19, 2015 09:49 GMT BIMobject® Trimo has been developing original and complete solutions for building envelopes, steel constructions and modular space solutions for more than 50 years. Architects, engineers and designers will now be able to download Qbiss One – a world class-engineered metal facade system. The applications are available for ArchiCAD and Revit 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Nov 19, 2015 09:43 GMT BIMobject® Forbo is a world-leading producer of floor coverings, building and construction adhesives, as well as power transmission and conveyor belt solutions. As a first step in the cooperation with BIMobject, Forbo France now offers eight of its flooring systems on the BIMobject Cloud. These ranges are available for Revit 2014 in both French and English.


Nov 12, 2015 11:46 GMT BIMobject® Steni is now releasing an updated version of their facade placement add-in for Revit, making it available for Revit 2015 and 2016. The objects allow users to work individually on each and every separate component within the facade system. This release also contains several new colour options for the panels which allows users to be even more creative when planning facades.

BIMscript® Online Accreditation 2015

Nov 12, 2015 10:09 GMT BIMobject® BIMobject runs BIMscript Hackathon events and webinars where you can get accredited to use BIMscript. Participants will be taught by our core developers how to master BIMscript & LENA for Rhino. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the masters. Currently we offer webinars, however, our popular Hackathon events will return in 2016.


Nov 12, 2015 10:03 GMT BIMobject® Recent additions from Reggiani include new projectors, recessed lighting, surface, wall and track lighting products: Unimosa, Envios, Varios, Splyt and Yori, offering different choices of design and lighting. Architects and lighting designers can now improve their projects with a wider variety of Reggiani’s most efficient and dynamic lighting solutions.

Schneider Electric

Nov 12, 2015 09:52 GMT BIMobject® Blokset from Schneider Electric is a high dependability LV distribution and motor control switchboard designed for global deployment. This system has a number of different types available in Revit 2014 and has a huge amount of detail for engineers who need to specify this within their design. This system should be used within large industrial/commercial but also within infrastructure designs.