Press Releases

May 02, 2012 14:25 BST Red Marlin They may be small in nature but the four Minis offered for auction at The Spring Sale hosted by Silverstone Auctions on 16th May know how to punch above their weight!

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust partners with imagineear to provide multimedia guides for visitors

May 01, 2012 14:30 BST imagineear ltd Visitors to Jersey's Durrell Wildlife Park are now able to explore the much loved attraction in a wholly new way with handheld multimedia guides, using imagineear's unique mediaPacker™ player.

Isolation!  An artistic painting touching upon the current affairs of care (homes), personal health, and relationships.

Apr 29, 2012 21:36 BST Marcel Schreur Mas.S has again depicted a hot topic in today's fast moving Western society in his own unique way. There is little or no time for oneself or ones neighbour. He states that "isolation is the cause of many, many deaths" and challenges the general ideas of "mind over body", "number one" stating that the root can be found, starting with oneself and not outside. "Isolation is just a status. Care!"

Apr 26, 2012 13:44 BST Red Marlin One of the greatest supercars ever produced, a McLaren MP4-12C, has been secured by Silverstone Auctions for its forthcoming Spring Sale on 16th May.

The Point Eastleigh partners with imagineear to create 'A Feel for Nature'

Apr 16, 2012 11:33 BST imagineear ltd The Point Eastleigh adopts imagineear's APpro™ technology to give visually impaired visitors A Feel for Nature during the Salisbury International Arts Festival.

The Scouts Association works with imagineear to guide visitors around Gilwell Park, the worldwide home of the Scouting movement

Apr 16, 2012 11:24 BST imagineear ltd The Scouts Association has partnered with imagineear to offer visitors multimedia tours to their archive at Gilwell Park, the home of scouting worldwide.

A New Dawn!!  A painting by Mas.S reminding us that we live in and by the day.

Apr 14, 2012 10:44 BST Marcel Schreur Today is a new day! Full of opportunities and chances. In his very particular and own style Mas.S depicted this feat. In his own life, handicapped by physical and mental restraint, he uses "Archie" to show his view on how we could live this way. What do we do with every given day? Rush in? Preoccupied? Driven? Mas.s feels we are all called, called to live, live to the full, live whilst you can!

Faces. A spiritual painting representing position, self reflection and direction in life.

Apr 10, 2012 19:52 BST Marcel Schreur A powerful and colourful depiction of our position in life. Where am I and where do I want to go. I found that more then often we have to make choices instead of being led by feelings.

Mar 14, 2012 14:11 GMT Red Marlin Silverstone Auctions is ‘revving’ up for its next event, which is once again to be held at the home of British motorsport.

Letting imagineear guide you around the world’s largest garden party: Floriade 2012

Mar 12, 2012 12:40 GMT imagineear ltd imagineear has been chosen as the exclusive handheld media partner for the 6th Floriade, which is open from Easter 2012 and anticipates two million visitors over a period of six months.