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Jun 25, 2015 12:42 BST lunch! Following another incredible year in which lunch! won the prestigious Exhibition News Awards 2014 ‘Best Trade Show’ title and attracted record visitor figures. Check out the show video highlights for lunch! 2014.

See what visitors from the food-to-go industry thought of lunch! 2014

Jun 25, 2015 12:21 BST lunch!

​Hard wiring business continuity management

Jun 24, 2015 15:17 BST The Business Continuity Institute When an incident occurs in a vehicle, there are a number of 'hard wired' features that will automatically deploy. You don’t have to initiate a 'vehicular incident management plan', you don’t have to know how to deploy an airbag – it’s all built in and automatically activates when required. Is it possible to do this with aspects of our business continuity and incident response arrangements?

Neopost - Making Connections

Jun 22, 2015 15:44 BST Neopost When the two market leaders in an industry simultaneously unveil new brand identities, it is fair to assume that that industry is going through a process of reinvention. This is certainly true of the mailing industry, which for a number of years has been undergoing a change as organisations increasingly use digital channels as fast, flexible and economical alternatives to postal communications.

Royal Mail makes international mailing easier

Jun 17, 2015 16:00 BST Neopost Royal Mail’s new International Large Letter format for franking machines is packed with new features and makes it easier for companies to send deliveries overseas.

The ease with which you can inspire the future

Jun 10, 2015 09:30 BST The Business Continuity Institute I have been a contributor to the ‘Inspiring the Future’ website for several months, the initiative being strongly supported by my employer, The Wellcome Trust, as part of our commitment to encourage staff to volunteer their time and expertise to the wider community.

Internal Mail Nightmares – How They Hurt Your Business & How You Can Avoid Them

Jun 09, 2015 15:29 BST Neopost Couriers, tracking numbers, signed for deliveries – we go through so much to make sure our mail gets to the right place and to ensure that we can confirm its receipt, covering ourselves and ensuring our customers get the service they expect.

​Influencing behaviour in a crisis through communication

Jun 09, 2015 09:30 BST The Business Continuity Institute The more we discussed, the more I came to think that whilst social media undoubtedly has an important role to play in any crisis communications strategy, it is the message that is being communicated that determines the impact of the communications.

Bringing business continuity to schools

Jun 08, 2015 12:43 BST The Business Continuity Institute This year I have been taking part in a schools project called ‘Inspiring the Future’ in which business people use their knowledge and experience to help students prepare for life in the business world. Once you join the scheme you are able to choose which events you are willing and able to take part in. Of course, this depends largely on your willingness to travel and your availability.

 Give the people what they want – how and when you want them to have it!

Jun 02, 2015 10:15 BST Neopost How well do you know your customers? In an age of greater choice and declining brand loyalty, customer knowledge is rightly seen as fundamental to business success. Understanding what your customers want is the keystone of good customer service.