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Grandparent’s stroke inspires Peterborough sisters to walk over 27 hours for stroke

Oct 27, 2014 12:51 GMT Stroke Association

Oct 22, 2014 17:00 BST Uppsala University What does it mean to simulate the human brain? Why is it important to do so? And is it even possible to simulate the brain separately from the body it exists in? These questions are discussed in a new paper published in the scientific journal Neuron today.

Nine out of ten people would be willing to take part in research

Oct 16, 2014 08:00 BST National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network A new survey conducted on behalf of the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) shows that 89% of people would be willing to take part in clinical research if they were diagnosed with a medical condition or disease – with an all-time-low figure of just 3% saying they would not consider it at all.

Stenting safe and effective for long-term stroke

Oct 14, 2014 09:00 BST Stroke Association New research findings suggest that stenting should be offered as an option to many more patients

Romantic couple from Seaton receive regional recognition

Oct 13, 2014 14:28 BST Stroke Association

9-year-old stroke survivor receives regional recognition

Oct 13, 2014 14:27 BST Stroke Association

Stroke Association launches ‘My Stroke Guide’ to help thousands conquer stroke

Oct 10, 2014 15:17 BST Stroke Association The Stroke Association launches a new web tool to support stroke survivors make their best possible recovery. ‘My Stroke Guide’ will be a service available to stroke survivors who receive the charity’s ‘Life After Stroke’ services so that they can be supported by Stroke Association staff.

Free diabetes awareness necklace could save lives.

Oct 10, 2014 14:10 BST Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation Diabetes Research & Wellness foundation (DRWF) supports people living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes across the UK and offers anyone who gets in touch a free diabetes awareness necklace and free medical check-up card.

The Stroke Association calls on Bromsgrove to help conquer stroke

Oct 10, 2014 08:41 BST Stroke Association

Mind-controlled prosthetic arms that work in daily life are now a reality

Oct 08, 2014 19:00 BST Chalmers University of Technology For the first time, robotic prostheses controlled via implanted neuromuscular interfaces have become a clinical reality. A novel osseointegrated (bone-anchored) implant system gives patients new opportunities in their daily life and professional activities.