Press Releases

New direction. Mas.s to explore new avenues in his painting "Trust".

Nov 21, 2013 18:27 GMT Mas.s The original Dutch painter Mas.s looked at an empty linen canvas for months on end wondering what this canvas was inviting him to paint.Landscapes, portraits, conceptual art? Then he knew. The heart. Trusting the silent promptings that moved his hand. Let the deep well up and making it visual. The result is amazing, not in the least for himself. Now to be seen at Gagliardi gallery, Chelsea, London

Nov 18, 2013 14:46 GMT Easyart UK Seasoned retail and leisure entrepreneur James Bidwell appointed CEO of Easyart

"Home of Inspiration" Art Exhibition.  Mas.s to show at St Johns at the start of Advent.

Nov 18, 2013 12:56 GMT Mas.s The 1st of December Mas.s will exhibit at St.Johns Seminary,Wonersh,Guildford.As part of his parish tour he will be exhibiting more then 40 of his works in a grand setting.The Ambulacrum,an impressive open space 210 feet long and 19 feet wide,running the full length of the main section of the building is the perfect platform for this free one day solo exhibition.Colour up your Sunday with Mas.s.

Annual Munch Conference: Edvard Munch and Printmaking

Nov 13, 2013 07:00 GMT Nasjonalmuseet - Norway 22 November is the date for the Annual Munch Conference organized by the research project «Munch, Modernity, and Modernism».

"Heartbreak". Mas.s touches with his newest painting upon an intrinsic experience in every human life.

Oct 26, 2013 10:30 BST Mas.s In his series "Supermodel" Mas.s, the original Dutch artist, has touched upon the intrinsic human experience of heartbreak. He was inspired by an old saying from his home country,"If your broken hearted, pick a rose, stick it on your hat and tomorrow, there will be no more sorrow." He says, " it is a typical Dutch message of hope and fortitude, to look forward and not to dwell in the past to long.

Oct 16, 2013 14:13 BST Easyart UK In celebration of the retrospective of his work at Tate Modern this month, Easyart is delighted to offer previously unpublished paintings by the Modernist master of colour, Paul Klee.

Art in architecture – architecture in art

Oct 14, 2013 07:00 BST Nasjonalmuseet - Norway How does contemporary art relate to architecture and what role does art play in architecture? This is the question that will be discussed at the National Museum this autumn - in the exhibitions “Louis Kahn – The Power of Architecture” and “Inside Outside Architecture”.

Man Ray revisited. The artist Mas.s to colour up the roaring 20's.

Oct 07, 2013 00:49 BST Mas.s Painting Lee Miller,the famous model,photographer and official war photographer for Vogue,was the start of a fascination of Man Ray's portrait work.Mas.s says I am impressed by this era. The 20's and 30's has something deeply mysterious.Painting this in my unique style,technique and choice of colours."Helen Tamiris,the American choreographer and modern dancer is the subject in his newest creation.

Celebrating Motherhood. Artist Mas.s is challenging today's party political views on society.

Oct 03, 2013 15:18 BST Mas.s Mas.s,the Original Dutch artist,touches in this painting upon the mysterious bond between mother and child.He says"They are intimately united",at birth both man and women are united in this monumental happening.Man often forget this breathgiving moment in life,quickly caught up in the manly world of testosterone.This is essential in today's troubled society.Politicians should rethink fundamentals.

The Creation Station provides children's activity zone at The National Franchise Exhibition Event

Sep 30, 2013 14:59 BST The Creation Station If you are looking for a new opportunity that puts you in control of your work and family balance, then discover how running your own franchise could give you what you are looking for. The UK's leading children's activity franchise, The Creation Station will be at The National Franchise Exhibition on Friday 4th October and Saturday 5th March at the NEC in Birmingham.