Press Releases

imagineear adds sound and colour to Europalia's four month long artistic explosion showcasing an entire sub-continent: europalia.india

Jul 03, 2013 14:31 BST imagineear ltd Brussels. imagineear is delighted to add sound and colour to two principal exhibitions of europalia.india: The Body in Indian Art and Indomania, From Rembrandt to the Beatles. Included in the ticket price, full screen multimedia tours in French, English and Dutch (and for The Body, for young visitors in French and Dutch) will be available for all visitors on our 5-inch touchscreen MPtouch players.

"Venom and Grace". A spiritual painting mirroring the power of the tongue and the choice we have to make in using it.

Jul 01, 2013 11:44 BST Marcel Schreur Mas.s has used a new style to express a common and intrinsic problem in today's society. The painting "Venom and Grace" is drawing the viewers attention towards the centre of the picture. To one of the most powerful and mismanaged organs in the human body. The tongue. It can give sweet joy, extraordinary sensation, communion and love. It possesses one of the most destructive capacities also.

Picasso meets van Gogh. Mas.s first solo exhibition "Home of Inspiration" was a huge success. The show may go on tour.

Jun 19, 2013 12:08 BST Marcel Schreur Last Sunday the public was able to see over 30 works of this original Dutch painter. Throughout the one day solo show visitors were mesmerized by this feast of colours presented in an array of depictions, shapes, forms and compositions. Always colourful and vibrant. He says "I was particularly touched by the reaction of the children and youngsters. "It was telling me; you're on the right track".

"The Thinker". Mas.s latest painting to be shown on his one day Solo show in Kingston Upon Thames this Sunday.

Jun 11, 2013 14:06 BST Marcel Schreur Mas.s will be showing "The Thinker" in the "Home of Inspiration" exhibition Sunday the 16th from 9am to 9pm. Alexander House, the beautiful and modern church hall is the perfect setting for this one day solo exhibition by this original Dutch painter. This work will be among more then 30 other paintings, illustrating his diversity in execution, always vibrant and colourful. His signature style.

"Home of Inspiration" art exhibition. "Family Life" will be exhibited at the one day Solo exhibition of Mas.s

Jun 07, 2013 17:29 BST Marcel Schreur On Sunday the 16th of June Mas.s will be exhibiting his new creation called "Family Life" at his one day solo show in Kingston Upon Thames. Using his unique techniques he has expressed the various pressures "Family Life" endures in this day and age. It will be amongst more then 30 of his colourful and diverse paintings on the Southern bank of the Thames. Open from 9am to 9pm. Entrance is free.

imagineear at the heart of London's pageantry in ceremonial Whitehall

Jun 04, 2013 15:09 BST imagineear ltd London, UK. imagineear is thrilled to announce The Household Cavalry Museum has chosen us to be their mobile interpretation provider. From apps through to onsite multimedia tours in multiple languages. In development now, available later in 2013.

Marriage. An expressionist painting defining the very heart of marriage.

Jun 03, 2013 14:08 BST Marcel Schreur Marriage, a hot topic in today's society. There is a lot of discussion and action about the institution of marriage. Society wanting to regulate a term by law. He says "It can not be done. The very core of marriage is, above all, a mysterious bond between a man and a woman. Society has attacked and kidnapped this truth for many reasons." He wanted to express marriage in the simplest way possible.

Madame Butterfly. A cubist painting of the famous lady portrayed in Puccini's opera.

May 31, 2013 15:18 BST Marcel Schreur Mas.s has portrayed the famous character in Puccini's opera. Sharp in contrast, colourful in presentation, unpredictable and mysterious in composition and full of love, all presented in the portrait. This painting is among more then 30 other paintings and will be shown at his one day solo show in Alexander House, the Church Hall of St.Rafael,Kingston Upon Thames on the 16th of June from 9am - 9pm.

"Home of Inspiration". Mas.s 1 day solo exhibition in Kingston Upon Thames.

May 27, 2013 13:20 BST Marcel Schreur Mas.s is exhibiting over 30 of his works in Alexander House. The Perfect setting for his art work in the church hall of this beautiful Italianate building. Mas.s calls it "Home of inspiration". He will be exhibiting artwork touching upon spiritual and social issues, his landscape paintings and portraits will also be on show including his latest work "With all that is within me!" 16th June 9am-9pm.

"Never Alone!"  An expressionist painting. Showing that the light is always shining, in the moon, the stars and beyond the horizon.

May 17, 2013 11:07 BST Marcel Schreur Mas.s has translated the famous "Starry Night" into his style of painting." I am deeply inspired by van Gogh, and I am proud of it. His personality, the use of colours and his love for beauty has touched me profoundly." Mas.s shows in his paintings the beauty of the world, the majesty of the universe and the humbling experience of looking into space. Now to be seen at Gagliardi gallery, Chelsea.