Press Releases

Marriage. An expressionist painting defining the very heart of marriage.

Jun 03, 2013 14:08 BST Marcel Schreur Marriage, a hot topic in today's society. There is a lot of discussion and action about the institution of marriage. Society wanting to regulate a term by law. He says "It can not be done. The very core of marriage is, above all, a mysterious bond between a man and a woman. Society has attacked and kidnapped this truth for many reasons." He wanted to express marriage in the simplest way possible.

Madame Butterfly. A cubist painting of the famous lady portrayed in Puccini's opera.

May 31, 2013 15:18 BST Marcel Schreur Mas.s has portrayed the famous character in Puccini's opera. Sharp in contrast, colourful in presentation, unpredictable and mysterious in composition and full of love, all presented in the portrait. This painting is among more then 30 other paintings and will be shown at his one day solo show in Alexander House, the Church Hall of St.Rafael,Kingston Upon Thames on the 16th of June from 9am - 9pm.

"Home of Inspiration". Mas.s 1 day solo exhibition in Kingston Upon Thames.

May 27, 2013 13:20 BST Marcel Schreur Mas.s is exhibiting over 30 of his works in Alexander House. The Perfect setting for his art work in the church hall of this beautiful Italianate building. Mas.s calls it "Home of inspiration". He will be exhibiting artwork touching upon spiritual and social issues, his landscape paintings and portraits will also be on show including his latest work "With all that is within me!" 16th June 9am-9pm.

"Never Alone!"  An expressionist painting. Showing that the light is always shining, in the moon, the stars and beyond the horizon.

May 17, 2013 11:07 BST Marcel Schreur Mas.s has translated the famous "Starry Night" into his style of painting." I am deeply inspired by van Gogh, and I am proud of it. His personality, the use of colours and his love for beauty has touched me profoundly." Mas.s shows in his paintings the beauty of the world, the majesty of the universe and the humbling experience of looking into space. Now to be seen at Gagliardi gallery, Chelsea.

Lee Miller. An expressionist painting of the famous 30s model using the solarisation effect.

May 13, 2013 11:46 BST Marcel Schreur Portraiture new style. Mas.s saw this, at the time unbeknown to him, famous and characterful model and artist from the 20s and 30s in an art magazine. He has taken Lee Miller's beautiful features, photographed by her artist friend Man Ray, and translated that into this painting. "I love beauty and character. I have found both in this beautiful woman, exploring my unique style in this art stream."

imagineear, Mondriaan's childhood home and De Stijl

May 09, 2013 18:11 BST imagineear ltd Winterswijk (NL). imagineear is proud to have been selected by Villa Mondriaan to provide the new museum with a multimedia tour in Dutch and German.

May 07, 2013 15:05 BST Red Marlin Coupé’s come in all shapes and sizes but for timeless elegance that’s guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes, then this 1933 Lancia Astura by Pinin Farina must take some beating.

Britten and his music exhibition at The Red House on imagineear's mediaPacker

May 01, 2013 09:40 BST imagineear ltd Aldeburgh. imagineear appointed as provider of music players for a major exhibition at The Red House in Aldeburgh. The music, which is an essential part of the visitor experience at composer Benjamin Britten's house will be available on mediaPacker players. The centenary of Britten’s birth is marked in 2013 with a global celebration, Britten 100, coordinated by the Britten-Pears Foundation.

Apr 30, 2013 14:15 BST Red Marlin The catalogue has closed for the forthcoming International Trophy Sale hosted by Silverstone Auctions which now also includes a lifestyle collection for the very first time.

Dawn! An expressionist painting mirroring the start of a brand new day. New challenges but also new opportunities.

Apr 29, 2013 10:15 BST Marcel Schreur Mas.s has produced a new series of landscape paintings who will be available at Gagliardi gallery in Chelsea from this week. Recent demand has prompted these new series consisting of 5 paintings. Using his very distinctive and unique techniques he has orchestred colours, shapes and moods. One central theme is beauty, the beauty of life. He says "we can not be reminded enough of this absolute."