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Can you test a business continuity plan?

Mar 13, 2015 12:08 GMT The Business Continuity Institute I am not a grumpy old man but for this article I intend to be! Business Continuity Awareness Week is next week and the enthusiasm is whipping into frenzy. The topic 'exercising' is the most inspiring and enthusiastically supported area of the BC programme. Hence I think a couple of us are getting a bit over excited and forgetting our theory.

Is your firm backing the right ATE provider?

Mar 12, 2015 15:07 GMT Allianz Insurance The Cheltenham Festival is the highlight of the jump season calendar and it got me thinking. If the horses running in the Gold Cup were in fact After the Event insurance providers and all the punters in the stands were law firms, which ‘horse’ is the most likely to come out on top?

Exercising your business continuity plan

Mar 12, 2015 14:10 GMT The Business Continuity Institute Businesses are exposed to disasters all the time, including IT system failures, power outages, or even natural disasters. These causes will cripple your business unless you have a business continuity plan (BCP) ready. A good BCP allows your business to continue on running everyday operations seamlessly.

The benefits of exercise: Why we should be exercising our risks

Mar 11, 2015 16:31 GMT The Business Continuity Institute There is plenty of guidance around for identifying and recording risks and lots of good ideas for monitoring and review but surely what ultimately counts is how aware we are of the risks we face as a business as a whole and how effective our mitigation strategies and response capabilities are.

How do I choose a translation agency?

Mar 11, 2015 12:23 GMT Semantix ​Do you need a translation? One convenient way of dealing with this is to contact a translation agency, or a language company as they often call themselves. A translation agency can offer you the service you need within both common and more unusual languages, and can also help with other related tasks such as layouting and localisation.

Blog: Barcelona! Such a beautiful horizon - takeaways from MWC 2015

Mar 11, 2015 08:49 GMT Pearlfinders Pearlfinders examines which of the new technologies and trends from Mobile World Congress 2015 are being discussed by the marketers we interview and where agencies should be taking note

Great people at ÅF - meet Bohumil Lisner

Mar 10, 2015 16:25 GMT ÅF Bohumil Lisner is a senior mechanical expert and responsible for sales of ÅF-Czech Republic. Read more about him and his main targets in 2015.

Do we really learn from exercising? How not to plan

Mar 10, 2015 10:32 GMT The Business Continuity Institute We need to have an exercise to test our multi-agency response to a rising tide incident. That was the direction from a group of senior managers. I am selected to represent our organisation at the multi-agency exercise planning group.

The importance of preparation for unplanned events

Mar 09, 2015 15:14 GMT The Business Continuity Institute As certified professionals or managerial agents, we recognize the importance of preparation for unplanned events with resiliency action-ready procedures, system recoverability, and eventually testing/exercising those plans. However, to complete an exercise, it take a team of dedicated resources and management sponsorship; and sometimes this is not always achievable under various circumstances.

14 days left until the release of Sustainable Brand Index™ 2015

Mar 09, 2015 14:00 GMT Sustainable Brand Insight With 14 days left until the release of Sustainable Brand Index™ 2015 it is time to share the third trend. To see the full index and a report that will analyze all of the trends you will have to wait until the 23rd of March, we hope to see you at Nalen for the award ceremony!