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From Grand Slam to Gold Medals

Jul 28, 2012 15:34 BST Atos Following last night’s spectacular Opening Ceremony, all eyes are now on the athletes. For the tennis, which takes place at Wimbledon, the team from Atos turned around the IT systems following the annual Grand Slam event in record time.

On your marks: Atos is ready for London 2012!

Jul 27, 2012 15:25 BST Atos The London 2012 Opening Ceremony is tonight and during the next 17 days – and continuing for the Paralympic Games – over half the World’s population will tune in to see athletes competing. Atos, Worldwide IT Partner to the International Olympic Committee is ready to give our personal bests.

Jul 26, 2012 17:00 BST Atos Imagine a 100m sprint final line-up - eight athletes none of whom are at the same location. Picture a stadium full of cheering fans that are supporting athletes who aren't there. Envisage the ability to compare the blood sugar levels and heart rate of sporting rivals.These are just some of the ways in which technology could impact sport in the future.

Thule Adventure Team takes victory in Untamed New England AR!

Jun 26, 2012 15:08 BST Thule Group 03:00 local time went Thule Adventure Team in to the finish line crystal clear winners of the Untamed New England Adventure Race in the U.S. after nearly 3 days och nights of racing.

Eva ranked number 1 in the world!

May 16, 2012 15:32 BST Thule Group Eva ranked number 1 in the world! Eva’s success in Decathlon has left its mark in the World rankings. She is now ranked number one of the world. After podium finishes at both European and World Championships in Decathlon in the space of six months, which no girl has managed to do.

Apr 30, 2012 09:30 BST Goosebumps A few weeks ago was the Rally Maroc Classic; a prestigious car rally that takes place once a year around Morocco. Imagine a whole school of beautiful classic cars racing through breath-taking mountains and endless desert – it’s like a scene from Wacky Races with a Goodwood twist!

Thule Adventure Team wins Baise Outdoor Quest 2012, China

Apr 29, 2012 19:29 BST Thule Group Thule Adventure Team stod as winners after three days of racing in Baise Outdoor Quest 2012.

Thule Adventure Team in the lead of the prestigious Baise Outdoor Quest 2012, China

Apr 27, 2012 08:19 BST Thule Group The first day began with a fast running stage in the central parts of host city Baise, there were some obstacles created along the course that all teams were required to manage. We had lost about 30 sec on team Redbull & Kolumb who sprinted in a very high pace, but decided to stick to our original plan by sticking to the pace plan for this stage.

Thule Adventure Team at the 24 h Australian MTB Championship

Apr 10, 2012 09:38 BST Thule Group Mimi and Jacky competed in the 24h national Australian MTB Championships last weekend. Jacky finished as number 7 in the open male class and Mimi finished in first place in the open female class.

Kingsbridge Community Sports receives letter of support from the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge Charity

Apr 05, 2012 20:28 BST Kingsbridge Community Sports Kingsbridge has received a letter of support from the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge Charity in connection with its campaign to protect local playing fields. 'Fields in Trust' has set a target of protecting 2012 playing fields by the end of the year. Kingsbridge has promised to protect the Holders Lane Playing Fields, under the scheme, but it has to have the lease to be able to do this.