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geo launches new version of popular Solo II P1 display for home energy monitoring

May 15, 2014 16:00 BST Green Energy Options ("geo") Green Energy Options continues new product innovation in response to evolving market requirements

geo launches in-home display for the Netherlands to coincide with smart meter roll-out

May 13, 2014 15:06 BST Green Energy Options ("geo") Recent UK research endorses use of IHDs with smart meters to engage consumers and save energy

Elmia Automation lived up to expectations

May 12, 2014 15:47 BST Elmia AB Elmia Automation ended on Friday. It was a fair that together with the industry aimed to reinforce Sweden’s manufacturing industry. “This was the most comprehensive automation fair for the manufacturing industry that’s ever been arranged in Sweden,” says project manager Lina Kåvestam.

geo delivers results with smart, in-home water displays for consumers

May 06, 2014 14:35 BST Green Energy Options ("geo") Research validates geo’s award winning, market leading product saves water, energy and money

NavLink Charting App From Digital Yacht Now Covers France, Holland and Germany

May 06, 2014 14:07 BST Digital Yacht NavLink is a low cost Apple iPad and iPhone charting and navigation app which allows real time navigation and AIS overlays. Charting is now supported for France, Holland and Germany as well as UK & Eire

Digital Deep Sea launch DigAtoN range of AIS aids to navigation

Apr 29, 2014 16:47 BST Digital Yacht Digital Deep Sea have introduced a new range of AIS aids to navigation (AtoNs) called DigAtoN. These are devices designed to fit to marine structures, light-houses, wind turbines, hazards or buoys and can transmit AIS location and identification signals to nearby AIS equipped vessels and shore stations.

Apr 14, 2014 10:51 BST SMT Express

Apr 11, 2014 11:54 BST SMT Express Lintech a été nommé distributeur pour la France, la Tunisie et le Maroc.

Apr 11, 2014 08:09 BST SMT Express

Apr 11, 2014 08:01 BST SMT Express