Kevin Costello takes over as the PPA's 29th chairman

Feb 18, 2014 16:03 GMT Readly UK Kevin Costello said: “I’m excited to be named Chairman of the PPA, particularly at this pivotal time as the industry continues to rise to the challenges presented by an increasingly digital economy.

Barry McIheney welcomes publishers to the 2014 PPA Chairman's reception

Feb 18, 2014 15:57 GMT Readly UK Barry McIlheney, CEO of the PPA, said: “I am delighted to welcome Kevin Costello as Chairman of the PPA at a key moment for both the association and the industry that we lead and serve. "Having celebrated our centenary in style last year, we are now entering an exciting new phase, and Kevin’s leadership will be invaluable in shaping the PPA for 2014 and beyond.”

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