Barry McIheney welcomes publishers to the 2014 PPA Chairman's reception

Feb 18, 2014 15:57 GMT Readly UK Barry McIlheney, CEO of the PPA, said: “I am delighted to welcome Kevin Costello as Chairman of the PPA at a key moment for both the association and the industry that we lead and serve. "Having celebrated our centenary in style last year, we are now entering an exciting new phase, and Kevin’s leadership will be invaluable in shaping the PPA for 2014 and beyond.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

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Chris Brogan

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Peter Shankman

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Like Minds New York 2014

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Ordering Tool for Otrum Enterprise

Dec 18, 2013 12:37 GMT Otrum AS With the Ordering Tool feature for Otrum Enterprise, hotel screens are no longer just amazing billboards and entertainment portals, but engaging storefronts powered by Otrum. Hotel guests can book a Spa treatment, a table for two, buy a burger and a Coke - anything, via Otrum Enterprise. The items are easy to manage through the online Shop Manager, where you can also create ads and bundles.

Guest Internet by Otrum

Dec 13, 2013 07:27 GMT Otrum AS Otrum offers hotels a user-friendly and scalable guest internet service over both wireless and cabled infrastructure. We also deliver all the hardware and software. Optimisation, planning and design are also part of our service. With Guest Internet by Otrum, users can login with multiple mobile devices during their stay and hotels can choose to offer free and/or paid connections.

Otrum Digital Signage

Dec 12, 2013 15:11 GMT Otrum AS Light up your hotel lobby and delight your guests with Digital Signage by Otrum. Engage and inform with living billboards in your public areas, elevators and conference areas. Escort delegates safely to their meetings with wayfinding and conference overview screens. You can schedule, manage and upload all your content - images, videos, texts - from your browser, anytime and anywhere with ease.

Otrum infographic

Dec 12, 2013 14:06 GMT Otrum AS Otrum technology is present in both subtle and eye-opening ways... From the WiFi network to the 9 o'clock news from home, on the digital signage to the movie catalogue on your smart phone... We create smart solutions for an even better hospitality experience.

Otrum Enterprise Touch

Dec 12, 2013 13:59 GMT Otrum AS When a hotel guests connects his smart device to the hotel WiFi, Enterprise Touch springs to life at his fingertips. There’s no need to download an app or worry about device compatibility, because it’s a HTML5 web app. With Enterprise Touch, you get a complete EPG, you can browse the hotel's movie catalogue and control movie playback, read hotel info, tourist guides and access other services.