Press Releases

Mar 25, 2015 11:22 GMT Bury Council Greater Manchester residents who have moved house in the last 18 months are being encouraged to make sure they are registered to vote at the right address.

Mar 23, 2015 12:09 GMT Bury Council Bury residents are being reminded that they need to be registered if they wish to vote in the upcoming General and local elections.

No Easy Way To Implement Mansion Tax

Mar 18, 2015 10:26 GMT CBRE Implementation of a Mansion Tax would be fraught with difficulties, property agents CBRE say in an authoritative report released today. The report also argues that designing and implementing an entirely new tax would be time consuming and complex.

Mar 18, 2015 06:00 GMT Uppsala University Why do some countries seem to develop quickly while others remain poor? This question is at the heart of the so-called poverty or development trap problem. Using mathematics on open data sets researchers now present new insights into this issue, and also suggest which countries can be expected to develop faster. The paper is published in the open access journal Big Data.

Neopost white paper explains how to cut the cost of customer communications

Mar 17, 2015 14:39 GMT Neopost Neopost Limited, Europe’s leading supplier of mailing solutions, has produced a new white paper explaining how businesses can save money on their transactional and marketing communications. Cutting the Cost of Customer Communications – A Neopost White Paper covers both digital and postal communications and is divided into half a dozen chapters, each focusing on a different area of expenditure.

Mar 17, 2015 13:20 GMT Bury Council With only weeks to go, Bury Council is trying to ensure the highest possible turnout for the local and General Elections on Thursday 7 May.

Mar 16, 2015 14:54 GMT Bury Council A charity quiz is being held on Sunday (22 March) for two local good causes chosen by the Mayor of Bury, Councillor Michelle Wiseman.

Order, order! Bury elects its new Youth MP

Mar 11, 2015 15:22 GMT Bury Council Thousands of young people in Bury seized the chance to play their part in the democratic process.

Mar 06, 2015 11:12 GMT Durham University Castle Debating Society (Local time) On Monday 9th March 8:00 pm, University College is holding an event which asks of local representatives from five political parties to come in for a tailored session of Q&A. Issues on local river safety, university prospects, and local interests will feature. Pre-submission is required for all raising questions on the evening. A short spontaneous Q&A might be opened before end.

Press Invite: Political Parties to highlight future plans at Best of Britain & Ireland

Mar 06, 2015 09:45 GMT Diversified Communications UK Just two months out from the general election, the UK and Ireland’s largest domestic tourism trade show will be hosting its own political question time. Featuring representatives from the key parties, panellists will outline their plans for championing domestic tourism if they come to power.