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The Nativity. Think outside the box. Think in curves. Not in straight lines. That's law. Xmass.

Dec 19, 2013 14:08 GMT Mas.s Mas.s,the original Dutch painter,starts the festive season with an abstract expression of The Nativity.He says"It is wonderful to follow the heart,to trust where it is leading you.Whatever may come.It is ok to make a mistake.You look at it,try to fix it but carry on.Think outside the box.Not only of what is in front of you.Think in curves.Not in straight lines.That's law."Merry Christmas y'all!

Helping the Homeless at Christmas

Dec 18, 2013 14:40 GMT StreetSmart StreetSmart's £1 per table continues throughout Christmas to raise vital funds for homeless people

 InstrumentChamp promise to make learning to play music fun, easy and social - reaching 100% in equity crowdfunding campaign

Dec 18, 2013 14:31 GMT InstrumentChamp After launching the crowdfunding campaign during the technology conference Slush in Helsinki 12th of november, InstrumentChamp reached 100% after only 30 days last friday. InstrumentChamp promise to make learning to play music fun, easy and social with the help of digital music games.

First Aid award for long-serving lollipop lady

Dec 18, 2013 14:16 GMT Rochdale Borough Council A Rochdale Borough Council lollipop lady who has helped three generations of schoolchildren to safely cross the area’s roads has been honoured by St John Ambulance for her 20 years dedicated first aid support.

Dec 17, 2013 12:52 GMT Uppsala University The fact that smoking means a considerable health risk is nowadays commonly accepted. New research findings from Uppsala University and Uppsala Clinical Research Center show that smoking alters several genes that can be associated with health problems for smokers, such as increased risk for cancer and diabetes.

Ashridge scoops gold at national training awards

Dec 13, 2013 11:24 GMT Ashridge Business School Ashridge Business School scooped the Gold for Best Practice in Learning Transfer at the prestigious national 2013 Training Journal Awards in central London.

"African beauty". I love race. A race lover, that's what I am. I thought I colour it up.

Dec 12, 2013 13:19 GMT Mas.s In honour of Nelson Mandela and all of his African friends Mas.s painted"African Beauty".He says "I have found that only in embracing people from other continents,by engaging in other cultures,we can enrich ourselves.Ignorance,arrogance and calculated judgement impoverished the world.Many people are in fear of losing themselves by truly engaging.This is just not true.I coloured that with love!"

Dec 12, 2013 08:42 GMT Uppsala University Perfluorinated compounds are environmental toxins that are found in fire extinguishing foam and water-repellent textiles and, for example. In a new study, a research team led from Uppsala University has seen links between high levels of perfluorinated compounds in the blood and diabetes.

Dec 11, 2013 09:52 GMT Uppsala University Lesbian couples who start a family through assisted reproduction with donated sperm are more satisfied with their relationship and evince less parental stress than heterosexual couples who have undergone IVF treatment. This is shown in a new dissertation from Uppsala University.

Celebrate Christmas Past at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum

Dec 05, 2013 11:59 GMT Mindseye Management A historic and festive treat awaits visitors to the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum this Christmas from 26 December to 1 January 2014. Traditionally decorated houses will reflect the spirit of Christmas throughout the ages – from Medieval to Edwardian times.