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Start of University Leaves Parents Lost

Sep 24, 2013 12:30 BST As you wave your eldest child off into the world: a sea of emotions wash over you. Pride: that they are all grown up and off to conquer the world whilst recalling their first steps, anxiety: will they be okay without you? Can they cook a nutritionally rich meal? And finally, for many married couples: absolute panic as they look at each other for the first time in years and realise – it’s just them

Discover delicious gluten-free cake recipes with cookbook baking app "Cook & Bake Gluten Free"

Sep 13, 2013 20:47 BST CloseUp PR Nothing beats a good homemade cake whether it’s for a birthday party, coffee break or dessert. Cook & Bake Gluten Free is a new interactive cookbook with gorgeous classic cake recipes all baked without gluten, created by Swedish baking gurus Maria Blohm and Jessica Frej. Published as an app for iPad and iPhone, it's available in Swedish and English, with measurements in both metric and imperial.

As London Fashion Week starts illicit dating site members aim to stay ahead of the trend

Sep 12, 2013 11:15 BST With the fashion bug hitting London as the run up to Fashion Week gets underway, be warned: if your other half takes more notice than usual of the latest trends and emerging designers, they could be looking to impress someone other than you. Members of reveal their top choice designer brands.

iPhone's New Security Will Make It Number One For Illicit Daters

Sep 10, 2013 19:07 BST The new iPhone 5S announced today is surely set to raise some eyebrows with the introduction of "Touch ID" an embedded fingerprint sensor in the home button. Many will be questioning if it is more of a gimmick rather than a useful feature. But members of the UK’s leading married dating site,, seem to think it is a fantastic idea.

End of Summer holidays boosts married dating sites membership.

Sep 05, 2013 09:57 BST, the UK’s leading extra-marital dating site, has seen a massive 60% increase in new female members signing up in just these first few days of September. This continues the same trend as September 2012, during which the site saw an extra 10,000 married women joining up in weeks that coincided with the end of school holidays, and the start of a new term.

SkiStar AB: News 2013/2014

Sep 04, 2013 10:00 BST SkiStar AB Skiing is much more than an outdoor pursuit and holiday activity – it is a lifestyle that carves through all the stages in life. To make skiing as much fun as possible for the youngest guests we're introducing a common kids’ concept at the SkiStar destinations Åre, Hemsedal, Trysil, Sälen and Vemdalen. The most important news includes no less than three new chairlifts in Åre and new skiing areas.

Guinness a kiss! reveal top drinks.

Aug 27, 2013 09:16 BST A new survey from the UK's leading dating site for married people has revealed the drinking habits of men looking for an extra-marital tryst. The survey of Illicit Encounter’s male members were questioned on their beer preferences and regular drinking habits.

Football gives fans perfect opportunity to play away!

Aug 22, 2013 10:35 BST Despite recent headlines being filled with rock star and music mogul affairs, it seems the real two-timing champions are still footballers. Leading extra-marital dating site, can reveal since the start of the 2013/14-football season they have seen an influx in the number of professional footballers joining the site, who are looking to play away whilst playing away.

Forces and Forties this weekend at Burrs

Aug 21, 2013 15:51 BST Bury Council A Bank Holiday weekend of family attractions and military history takes place at Burrs Country Park in Bury.

Lisa’s Swedish bar and restaurant launches in London’s Notting Hill

Aug 19, 2013 14:58 BST CloseUp PR Lisa's a stylish new contemporary Swedish restaurant and vibrant bar has arrived in London’s uber fashionable Notting Hill, where rustic food is delivered with modern simplicity. Inspired by Swedish founder, Lisa’s Wallén’s childhood memories, the menu offers a unique culinary experience coloured by Sweden’s four distinct seasons of the year.