Press Releases

May 29, 2014 14:44 BST Bury Council Bury residents are invited to help shape the future of council services at a ‘customer task force’ event held on Friday 6 June.

Anslow Parish to make history in East Staffordshire as their Neighbourhood Plan proceeds to Referendum

May 29, 2014 09:58 BST East Staffordshire Borough Council Anslow Parish will be the first in East Staffordshire to have their Neighbourhood Plan proceed to referendum. The referendum, which is open to all people on the electoral register in Anslow Parish, is a simple yes/no question:

Scandic a dream workplace among Nordic students

May 28, 2014 06:55 BST Scandic Hotels Scandic is one of the Nordic region’s most attractive employers and the hotel chain that students most want to work for. This is revealed in a survey of 16,800 economics students, as part of Universum’s annual drive to identify the most attractive employers in the Nordic countries. Scandic is the only hotel business represented on the list.

Wildlife social enterprise snaps up support / Menter gymdeithasol bywyd gwyllt yn cipio cymorth

May 28, 2014 00:04 BST Wales Co-operative Centre Two nature conservationists from North East Wales have received support from the Wales Co-operative Centre to set up a social enterprise to help people engage with their local wildlife. The new business, NatureSpy, will use remote cameras to capture images of wildlife in its natural environment.

Nominations now open for prestigious Social Enterprise Wales Awards 2014

May 27, 2014 00:01 BST Wales Co-operative Centre Nominations are now open for the Social Enterprise Wales Awards. The Awards are designed to recognise the innovation, inspiration and perspiration required to set up, run and grow successful social enterprises.

The official EuroPride anthem released

May 26, 2014 08:29 BST Oslo Pride “No human being should be able to prohibit others' love”, says Hector Lopez, who sings the official EuroPride 2014 anthem called ´Love´.

The World's First 'livINFOGRAPHIC' (the living-Infographic)

May 21, 2014 11:21 BST DeadSocial Over the last few years Infographics have become an extremely effective way to tell stories using data. Infographics are (in short) graphical representations of datasets. DeadSocial have taken this idea one step further and created a 'LivInfographic'. This 'living-infographic' used (near) realtime data from the 'Digital Death Report 2014' and was updated accordingly in the space during the week.

Margaret Berger and Josefin Winther to EuroPride 2014

May 21, 2014 09:29 BST Oslo Pride Margaret Berger and Josefin Winther to EuroPride 2014. And all tickets out for sale now.

Uttoxeter Leisure Centre Redevelopment Project Continues at Pace

May 20, 2014 16:55 BST East Staffordshire Borough Council Work is continuing on the redevelopment of the town’s Leisure Centre, with significant steps over the last few weeks taking the project forward into the start of the building phase.

May 20, 2014 16:48 BST East Staffordshire Borough Council As part of its ongoing commitment to the Healthy Borough initiative East Staffordshire Borough Council’s Sports Development team will be delivering a 6 week block of Dodgeball sessions