Press Releases

Fagerhult's new InduLED is a real lighting machine

Sep 14, 2015 15:58 BST Fagerhult InduLED is a real lighting machine with exceptional efficiency – the luminaire’s light output ratio of 145 lm/W sets a new standard for industrial luminaires.

Greenland map facilitates climate research

Sep 14, 2015 13:49 BST Uppsala University For the first time a high-resolution map over the ground below the Greenland ice sheet is available. Researchers at Uppsala University have developed the map that will be of great importance for future possibilities to predict how the Greenland ice sheet melts and moves and that in turn has an impact on rising sea levels as a result of climate change.

Robust I/O system classified for shipbuilding for Phoenix Contact

Sep 14, 2015 10:42 BST Phoenix Contact UK Thanks to low noise emission in compliance with EMC Class B and its mechanical robustness, the Axioline F I/O system from Phoenix Contact fulfils the stringent requirements for automation in shipbuilding.

Itza – a new, sustainable approach to lighting.

Sep 11, 2015 13:41 BST Fagerhult With its new Itza LED luminaire, Fagerhult is attempting to take time out of the equation. Itza is future-proof in all aspects – from life expectancy and energy efficiency to material utilisation and design. When all other fixtures and fittings are replaced, the Itza will remain.

Fagerhult launches double-parabolic LED louvres

Sep 11, 2015 13:22 BST Fagerhult Fagerhult will be among the first to launch a double-parabolic LED louvre. Beta Opti is based on the classic r5 louvre.

Fagerhult in new cooperation with Eclatec

Sep 11, 2015 12:03 BST Fagerhult Fagerhult continues to invest in outdoor lighting solutions. As the exclusive distributor of Eclatec luminaires in the Nordic countries Fagerhult will broaden it’s portfolio with premium products for outdoor applications.

Sep 10, 2015 07:00 BST ORBITAL SYSTEMS ​The Central Hospital in Kristianstad, Sweden (CSK) is the world's first hospital to introduce the resource efficient, ultra hygienic shower system, Shower of the Future, by award winning Swedish start-up, ORBITAL SYSTEMS.

Multi-point multiplexer for process use

Sep 09, 2015 10:40 BST Phoenix Contact UK Phoenix Contact offers a solution combining the new RS-485 bus coupler with Radioline I/O wireless modules to provide customers with a multiplexer system specifically for process use.

Sep 09, 2015 08:56 BST Moray Council A planning application for a 12-turbine windfarm in Moray is being recommended for refusal.

Optimum lighting for the control cabinet with LED technology

Sep 07, 2015 10:38 BST Phoenix Contact UK With LED technology and integrated optics, the new PLD enclosure lights from Phoenix Contact provide bright control cabinet illumination which is adapted to the environment, even down to the lowest area of the cabinet