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The relevance of business continuity guidance for small and medium sized businesses

Apr 27, 2015 11:38 BST The Business Continuity Institute SME are susceptible to the same set of threats that are faced by the rest of the industry. The likelihood of such threats is different in an SME environment than for the general corporate world – for instance while an SME may face adverse weather and unplanned utility outage with perhaps the same probability or frequency, the risk of cyber-attack or data breach may be less likely.

Why the customer journey plays a significant role for your business

Apr 21, 2015 08:52 BST Netigate Identifying and grading your customers’ touchpoints in the customer journey are the first steps to enable you to get a full grip of the customer satisfaction levels in your organisation. Allowing customers to give feedback and speak their mind along the way will help give you a full understanding of the customer experience and a great foundation on which to grow and improve your business.

Best Practice in Utilities Debt Collection

Apr 17, 2015 16:26 BST Collstream Debt collection in utilities has unique characteristics and challenges and engaging in a coherent multi-channel collections strategy will absolutely improve operations.

How will disaster recovery testing have to change in the era of cloud?

Apr 17, 2015 15:19 BST The Business Continuity Institute ​In the interconnected, digital age, the dynamics relating to IT disaster recovery testing are changing. Adoption of new technologies and the gradual introduction of new business models are having an impact on the way business continuity and IT disaster recovery managers are planning for and conducting rehearsals and tests.

5 cognitive biases to recognize and resist

Apr 13, 2015 10:18 BST The Business Continuity Institute Risks and threats are not guaranteed. Probability will always play a part. Otherwise our investments would always pay off and we’d all be Wall Street millionaires. However, we as humans come psychologically hard-wired (each to different degrees) with certain cognitive biases that influence our understanding of probability and risk.

Hardening the organisation

Apr 01, 2015 10:55 BST The Business Continuity Institute The recent crises in western media all point to a systemic failure to manage context, risk, dependency, information, staff and crises in a proper manner. Our research team has spent the last four years looking at these problems and it is proposed that there is a stage beyond resilience called ‘hardening’ that makes organisations even more capable of resisting threats and attacks.

Sample Questions for a Churn Survey to Improve your Churn Rate

Mar 27, 2015 08:47 GMT Netigate There is usually a lot of focus in the business on making sales. However, one of the key triggers of successful businesses is to ensure your customers also remain customers. To track the cancellation of your customers the term churn rate is used. In this post, I’ll be examining a way to improve your churn rate and push it down closer to 0% using churn surveys.

So what’s all this about black swans?

Mar 23, 2015 14:11 GMT The Business Continuity Institute So, first things first. What’s a black swan? Let’s get a definition out of the way: a black swan, to paraphrase Naseem Taleb, is an event that is (1) unpredictable, (2) massively game-changing and (3) in hindsight completely foreseeable. If it does not embody all three elements it’s not a black swan. Taleb says they’re rare – I say that’s changing.

5 pointers to consider if you REALLY want to measure customer feedback

Mar 23, 2015 13:42 GMT Netigate Successful businesses put their customers at the centre of their corporate culture and they always start with the customer’s best interest in mind when developing processes, products or services. But you need to be attentive and listen closely to what your best customers have to say, otherwise they will feel disregarded and will soon be found in your competitor’s nest.

Don't wait until it's too late to develop a business continuity plan

Mar 20, 2015 13:05 GMT The Business Continuity Institute In any business, there are always pressing issues that need immediate attention so it's easy for business owners to let developing a business continuity plan fall to the bottom of to-do lists. However, preparing a plan should be a priority for all business leaders, especially in Canada where extreme weather is known to wreak havoc on business operations.