Press Releases

Sondrel Invests in Verification Services

Nov 25, 2015 09:30 GMT Sondrel Ltd Sondrel is pleased to welcome Paul Martin who joins us as Director of Engineering responsible for Front-End Design Consulting. Verification engineering is a rapidly expanding business area for Sondrel across Europe, but even more so in China, and Paul’s depth of experience in this area will take our consultancy services to a new level.

Sondrel CEO Returns from China Trip with a Positive Message for UK Businesses

Nov 17, 2015 15:18 GMT Sondrel Ltd Graham Curren, Sondrel CEO, returns from a week long business trip with other China British Business Council colleagues, where he found that the Sino-British relationship was stronger than ever.

BIMobject® Mosquito Wall Systems, new cloud-based tool for construction solutions

Oct 29, 2015 17:14 GMT BIMobject® The new cloud solution allows BIMobject customers to create and maintain wall system configurations directly on the BIMobject Cloud platform for immediate distribution to all BIMobject users as complete construction solutions.

BIMobject® and IBM team up for cloud-based BIM

Oct 29, 2015 14:34 GMT BIMobject® Today, BIMobject announced a collaboration with IBM that will see the two companies working together to create a more complete cloud solution for manufacturers’ product information. The collaboration will support both product and building lifecycles.

BIMobject® AB opens subsidiary in Poland

Oct 28, 2015 07:27 GMT BIMobject® ​BIMobject AB announces an expansion into Poland. BIMobject Poland sp. z o.o. based in Gliwice will be a wholly-owned subsidiary to BIMobject AB. The Polish subsidiary will be a firm base for sales, content management and R&D (Research & Development).

Chairman of the Board recruited to BIMobject’s management

Oct 14, 2015 14:06 BST BIMobject® ​ BIMobject® announces that the company will strengthen its management by recruiting Sven Holmgren as Senior Vice President and General Counsel. Holmgren has previously had the role of Chairman of the Board of BIMobject and will start his new position on October 15th, 2015. Sven Holmgren will keep his position as board member.

BIMscript® and LENA – now ready with IFC 2x3 as a delivery format

Oct 06, 2015 13:45 BST BIMobject® BIMobject® – the creator of BIMscript® and LENA – announces today full support for the IFC format in its development solutions. IFC, (Industry Foundation Classes), is a global standard for BIM, developed by buildingSMART.

Elitfönster launches products as BIM objects

Sep 30, 2015 12:58 BST BIMobject® ​The growing interest in the Swedish window manufacturer Elitfönster has led to a cooperation with BIMobject® in order to launch its products as BIM objects. The launch is expected to generate a boost in traffic to the BIMobject Cloud.

Sep 30, 2015 10:35 BST BIMobject® BIMobject® announces hereby that the company’s CFO Stefan Hansson has purchased 35,000 shares. Stefan Hansson’s total stock shares in BIMobject now amount to 43,960* shares. *Note that Stefan Hansson already owns in addition to this recent purchase 40,000 share option rights for the subscription of the same amount of shares in BIMobject AB.

Sondrel Integration of Mentor Graphics Questa® CDC into Helium 8 Design Flow Speeds Debug and Reduces Design Spins

Sep 16, 2015 10:34 BST Sondrel Ltd Sondrel announced today that their Research and Development Project to test and evaluate the Mentor Graphics®Questa® Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) verification product for sign-off produced significant and impressive results, and the tool has now been integrated into the​ Sondrel Helium 8 Flow.