Press Releases

The Innovator – Fagerhult’s inspirational customer magazine

Apr 16, 2014 07:21 BST Fagerhult Fagerhult has launched the latest issue of their customer magazine, The Innovator. The magazine contains inspirational articles about lighting, interior design and trends in retail. The theme is co-creation.

Wallpaper stories – winning designs from Illustratörcentrum

Apr 10, 2014 08:00 BST Photowall The winners of the Photowall and Illustratörcentrum wallpaper design competition, announced earlier this year, have now been selected. The competition’s renowned jury has handpicked five exciting designs which jointly make up Wallpaper Stories – an exciting, innovative collection in which each design tells a story.

Celebrating an unforgettable journey

Apr 09, 2014 08:00 BST Elephant Parade Vicky Scott’s creation for this year’s Elephant Parade is particularly unusual as the design of her elephant tells the story of the parade itself. The design, which features a looping chain of white elephants, includes many details from the places and cities that the elephants will visit, from the London Eye to the Angel of the North.

Union J paint a brighter future to save the elephant

Apr 01, 2014 13:59 BST Elephant Parade British boy band, Union J are to join the Elephant Parade national tour and have created a show stopping design for their new elephant statue that will join the herd that is touring the UK. They have also been appointed as "School Ambassadors” for the national schools programme.

Fagerhult Media Kit for Light+Building 2014

Mar 26, 2014 08:59 GMT Fagerhult At Light+Building we take the opportunity to show our latest contributions to lighting that lasts. We launch brand new luminaires in which we take energy efficiency to new dimensions with the latest LED-technique and innovative lighting control. All press releases and images for the products are available on Fagerhult’s page on MyNewsDesk and on

Combilume - the little black dress of lighting

Mar 25, 2014 12:54 GMT Fagerhult Fagerhult’s new Combilume range is the little black dress of lighting. Combining excellent light quality with a creative spark, Combilume has the versatility to dress up any room.

An elephant journey from Mosha to Kiku

Mar 21, 2014 13:12 GMT Elephant Parade Chris Chun is an award-winning textile designer, so it is perhaps not surprising that his design for Kiku was inspired by an antique kimono fabric he bought in Japan.

Indira – classroom lighting based on cutting edge research

Mar 20, 2014 12:19 GMT Fagerhult Fagerhult are now launching a specially designed classroom lighting system called Indira. Based on new research findings highlighting the importance of ambient light in the study environment, Indira is based solely on ambient lighting. Low-energy LED light sources create a brighter, more pleasant classroom – with significantly lower power consumption.

Graphic Ink – playful pastel patterns

Mar 19, 2014 07:30 GMT Photowall Photowall’s latest design collaboration, with Swedish designer Maria Bergström, has resulted in Graphic Ink – a collection of playful graphical designs in beautiful pastel shades.

The spring equinox – The return of the sun is the year’s greatest celebration

Mar 18, 2014 14:31 GMT Fagerhult When you get up on Thursday, the world will have changed. In the northern hemisphere, light will vanquish darkness and the days will be longer than the nights. It is the spring equinox and the light means that we feel both healthier and happier. Latest research shows that even your artificial lighting can have the same positive impact as daylight.