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Know Your Vital Statistics - Alcohol and Breast Cancer

Apr 10, 2014 23:47 BST The Alcohol-Free Shop Screen legend Joan Collins and One Direction drummer Josh Devine are helping raise awareness of the link between booze and breast cancer. The Pink Ribbon Foundation (Reg. Charity No. 1080839) and The Alcohol-Free Shop, the UK's leading alcohol-free specialists, are working in partnership to inform women of the risks through the Know Your Vital Statistics campaign.

Nov 28, 2013 13:53 GMT National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network A new campaign is helping patients to share their inspirational stories about the impact that taking part in clinical research has had on their life.

Nov 21, 2013 16:33 GMT Timesulin

Nov 15, 2013 10:02 GMT Mediareach Before the long-awaited winter holidays, GSK and the British Liver Trust are encouraging people to ‘B-Aware’ of Hepatitis B when travelling to visit friends and relatives in countries where the virus is more prevalent, such as India and Pakistan.

Oct 17, 2013 15:44 BST Timesulin

Jul 01, 2013 15:15 BST Timesulin Global leader in diabetes care, Roche Diagnostics, has partnered with London-based Patients Pending Ltd. to launch a creative partnership program with diabetes device Timesulin in Canada.This follows on the successful rollout of a similar campaign this past winter in Belgium, where Roche Diagnostics offered Timesulin with each Accu-Chek Mobile Blood Glucose Monitoring system ordered.

Jul 01, 2013 09:59 BST National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network A report released by the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network shows that more than 630,000 NHS patients in England took part in clinical research studies last year.

Jun 27, 2013 11:54 BST Uppsala University A new study reveals that all children with Crohn’s disease that were examined had a commonly occurring virus – an enterovirus – in their intestines. This link has previously not been shown for this chronic inflammatory intestinal disorder. The findings are being published today in the latest issue of the international journal Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology.

Research Funding for Pancreatic Cancer falls by 13% in 2012

May 17, 2013 09:00 BST Pancreatic Cancer Action Research funding for pancreatic cancer has fallen by nearly 13 per cent despite no significant improvement in the 3% five-year survival rate for the UK’s fifth biggest cancer killer, according to national charity, Pancreatic Cancer Action.


Apr 22, 2013 11:57 BST Allergy UK Britain is facing an allergy epidemic made worse by poor resources within the NHS which has left sufferers feeling terrified and abandoned, the national charity, Allergy UK has revealed. This Allergy Awareness Week (22nd – 28th April), Allergy UK is taking action on behalf of millions of allergy sufferers to address this growing public health issue.