Internet of Things (IoT) Consultancy Services

Oct 19, 2015 12:36 BST Sondrel Ltd IoT encompasses products in multiple market segments which have the common ability to sense the physical world around them and to provide M2M connectivity directly or via the internet. The path from design to silicon to create your IoT IC is long and complex, involving many steps and many choices within each step. Sondrel will act as your partner and guide along this journey.

Off-Shore Design Centers (ODC)

Sep 08, 2015 16:13 BST Sondrel Ltd Sondrel has accredited design locations in the UK, mainland Europe, Morocco and China, where specialist engineering teams operate within a secure environment. Explore the ODC model options that Sondrel deliver, and the benefits this type of engagement brings to our clients.

Power Integrity Verification Consultancy

Aug 25, 2015 11:30 BST Sondrel Ltd Sondrel Power Integrity Verification Services support verification of power control architectures at all stages of the SoC design process, from exploration of the power intent through to gate level implementation of the power control network. We have extensive skills in planning, testcase development and debugging at both RTL and gate-level. Contact Sondrel today to discuss your IC requirements

Sondrel IC Design Solutions - Advanced Low Power Design Consultancy

Aug 19, 2015 16:50 BST Sondrel Ltd From the largest SoC to the smallest IoT devices, power is often a critical element of the PPA mix. Large network and server SoC designs must run to strict energy targets; the Internet of Things (IoT) type devices require very long battery life. Both are enabled by specialist low power design techniques. Sondrel has developed a specific set of solutions to deliver optimal power for your IC.

诺丁汉英盛德芯片设计学院  Sondrel UNNC IC Design Industry Training Program

Aug 13, 2015 11:22 BST Sondrel Ltd

Sondrel IC Design Services - IP Hardening Consultancy/软核固化服务

Aug 06, 2015 16:48 BST Sondrel Ltd 在竞争激烈的市场中,设计团队往往面临着提供实现市场领先的功耗性能和面积(PPA)目标的差异化产品以推动未来销售和市场份额的挑战。Sondrel对软核固化有大量经验并有深刻的认识,可以使客户在不增加额外项目成本的情况下达成他们的目标。

离岸设计中心 (ODC)

Jul 16, 2015 15:12 BST Sondrel Ltd 半导体设计,特别是在最前沿的技术上,所需的设计、验证和物理实现工程师的数量将不断增加。半导体设计行业公司可能希望将设计流程的某些环节外包,以获得专业技能或降低设计成本。 Sondrel 在英国、欧洲大陆和中国建立了经认证的设计中心,由专业的工程团队在经认证的环境中运作。ODC在数据和物理上按照国际安全标准制定,但空间分隔成不同的房间,使客户能按需制定自己的标准。

Functional Verification Consultancy Datasheet

Jun 23, 2015 13:26 BST Sondrel Ltd Functional verification is often the most resource intensive and costly part of the SoC hardware design process. Sondrel’s verification engineering team can enable your verification environment to “shift left”, starting verification early in the design cycle by streamlining testbench development, facilitating faster turnaround times and high quality, reliable designs.

Design for Test (DfT) Consultancy Datasheet

Jun 23, 2015 13:16 BST Sondrel Ltd Good practice in DfT during SoC design and verification can improve time to market and reduce manufacturing costs. Sondrel can provide efficient test strategies with high fault coverage that can significantly benefit our clients with higher quality designs and increased product margins.

Analog & Mixed Signal Design Consultancy Datasheet

Jun 23, 2015 13:06 BST Sondrel Ltd Sondrel has expertise in RF, analog & mixed signal design and verification at both schematic and layout level. Analog and mixed signal design is an essential part of SoC. We can provide experienced analog designers with a proven track record of quality production design.