ÅF to improve the electricity supply in Tajikistan

Oct 12, 2015 14:49 BST ÅF ÅF has been recruited by Barki Tojik, the vertically-integrated state-owned electric power utility in Tajikistan as a project implementation consultant for the Wholesale Metering and Transmission Reinforcement Project.

Oct 12, 2015 09:08 BST Phoenix Contact UK ​On 30 September, Sysmik GmbH Dresden signed a takeover agreement to join Phoenix Contact. This makes the company a member of the Phoenix Contact Group, the global market leader for components, systems, and solutions in electrical engineering, electronics, and automation.

ÅF Green Day 2015 gathered experts

Oct 09, 2015 10:40 BST ÅF During an intense afternoon, representatives from the industry, government and authorities gathered for ÅF Green Day in Solna. The theme was "Driving Sustainable development through Connectivity".

Industry seeking a Nordic transport plan

Oct 08, 2015 16:41 BST Elmia AB Establish a Nordic transport plan. That was the clear message from the sector during Wednesday’s key seminar at Elmia Future Transport, Industry’s Vision for Better Transport in the Nordic Region. “The national transport plans only extend as far as the borders – and barely that,” said Are Kjensli, Director of NHO Logistics and Transport.

ÅF Lighting expands to Uppsala

Oct 07, 2015 14:08 BST ÅF ÅF continues to grow its lighting business. In Uppsala, new recruits Andreas Wiil and Andreas Almstedt have recently set up office on behalf of ÅF Lighting.

New products with added value

Oct 06, 2015 14:47 BST Elmia AB Splendor Plant presented its new First Edition series at Elmia Garden. Grown in a plum-coloured pot, the bright, beautiful plants in lovely colours are equally well suited to public spaces and private gardens.

Oct 06, 2015 14:44 BST Elmia AB Hobby growers who start from seed are increasingly interested in using organic seeds. Ideally the plants can be grown on balconies and then eaten. This was one of the major trends presented by Impecta Fröhandel at Elmia Garden.

Growing plants at home is trendy

Oct 06, 2015 14:39 BST Elmia AB Nelson Garden launched a world first at Elmia Garden. Called Easy to grow, it is a starter kit with everything in one package for growing tomato, lettuce and cabbage seedlings.

Marcel Jansen helps companies to create inspiration

Oct 06, 2015 14:37 BST Elmia AB Marcel Jansen is a marketing consultant with a passion for retail and horticulture. He knows how to transform a shop containing individual products into a space filled with feeling and context. This makes him a source of inspiration and a trends expert who is consulted by many companies.

Dutch exhibitors test the Swedish market

Oct 06, 2015 14:35 BST Elmia AB A trade fair is a good venue for getting a feel for a new market and testing it out. Sometimes that process is easier when it’s shared. This approach was used by the Dutch company Greenn in its joint stand, where four different companies exhibited together for the first time.