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Recharge4040 | Shale gas costs are rising rapidly

Apr 17, 2014 09:33 BST Recharge 40 | 40

Recharge4040 | Constraints

Apr 16, 2014 13:37 BST Recharge 40 | 40

Recharge4040 | Resource Exhaustion

Apr 14, 2014 17:04 BST Recharge 40 | 40

Business Continuity Flash Blog

Apr 11, 2014 12:32 BST The BCI On Tuesday 18th March 2014, as part of the Business Continuity Awareness Week activities, we witnessed the first ever BC Flash Blog. This is probably a new term to most readers, it is a virtual Flash Mob – but instead of a dance routine the participants wrote and published their own blog post or article.

Counting the costs and benefits of business continuity, a Non-Executive Director's perspective

Mar 18, 2014 11:34 GMT The BCI Essentially the Non-Executive Director's role is to provide a creative contribution to the board by providing objective criticism. So I recommend that all Non-Executive Directors consider challenging the board to count the costs involved in deploying business continuity management and balancing these costs against quantifiable benefits gained from its Business Continuity Management System.

Counting the costs and benefits of business continuity, the BCI Technical Director's perspective

Mar 18, 2014 11:33 GMT The BCI For those of you who think BCM is expensive, try operating without it. Business Continuity has often been treated almost as an ‘act of faith’. Common sense has suggested that well prepared companies are likely to recover from an unexpected interruption quicker than unprepared ones; that they are likely to lose much less money by being productive again more quickly.

Never work with children or animals... or technology

Feb 21, 2014 15:14 GMT The BCI The other day I attended a meeting of a local business continuity forum. It was a very well run, very interesting meeting – the latter despite the fact that one of the topics was business interruption insurance, living proof that any subject can be made interesting by an engaging speaker. There was, however, one small glitch in proceedings that I thought was worthy of note...

A vision of the future

Feb 13, 2014 11:13 GMT The BCI I’m relatively new to business continuity management, with only a little over ten years’ experience in this industry that is said to be made up of the 'Men in Grey'. Someone said this to me at last year’s BCI World Conference, I then looked in the mirror and sure enough that was me already. So what incenses me and what gives me hope that as an Institute we are making progress?

The return on investment of a BCM programme

Feb 06, 2014 11:07 GMT The BCI When will the investment for a BCM programme pay off? Most people think that the only correct answer is when a damage scenario has taken place. Hopefully then an effective BCM programme will reduce an otherwise much more costly, or even possibly fatal financial impact to a bearable amount. Then, and only then, will the investment in BCM be paid off – just like insurance policy.

A nice cup of tea

Jan 31, 2014 12:20 GMT The BCI A bad cup of tea is, in my view, worse than no cup of tea at all. It might have all the ingredients (not that there are many) but if it’s not done right it can be awful. In a similar(ish) vein, my view is that a bad business continuity plan is as bad as – and possibly worse than – no plan at all.