Press Releases

Funding for events from Moray Council

May 22, 2015 20:36 BST Moray Council Moray Council has established a fund to support events in the area

Unpaid carers to be celebrated in Moray

May 22, 2015 14:06 BST Moray Council A celebration of Moray’s unpaid carers will be held next month during national Carers’ Week, with a theme of building carer friendly communities.

Free housing offer for teachers

May 21, 2015 13:33 BST Moray Council Moray Council and leading housebuilder Springfield Homes have joined forces to attract new teachers to one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland.

£65k Community Covenant grant boosts schools leadership programme

May 21, 2015 13:33 BST Moray Council Scottish charity SkillForce expands its leadership programmes into primary schools thanks to pro-armed forces grant aid.

Apr 29, 2015 16:56 BST Bury Council Roadworks on Bolton Road West and Nuttall Lane in Ramsbottom will take an extra day to complete.

Framework agreement with Kammarkollegiet

Apr 29, 2015 09:55 BST ÅF ÅF enters yet another framework agreement with the National Procurement Services of the central government authority Kammarkollegiet for IT consulting services.

Better mobile coverage on trains

Mar 18, 2015 07:30 GMT Telenor Norway The goal is a better mobile experience for travellers as a result of NSB, the Norwegian National Rail Administration and Telenor teaming up to expand the 4G network along the country's busiest railways - initially around Oslo and Stavanger.

Cathelco – alien invaders get the treatment

Mar 16, 2015 11:00 GMT Innovate UK When an international agreement was signed to stop the spread of alien species via ballast water it promised to create a significant market opportunity for water treatment systems.

International Railway Summit 2015 enjoys great success

Mar 05, 2015 08:00 GMT International Railway Summit 2015 ​International Railway Summit 2015, a unique three-day event bringing together rail operators, national governments, rolling stock manufacturers and suppliers of products and services, concluded in Barcelona on 20 February after a full and fruitful timetable of discussion, debate, and opportunities to network, to learn and to negotiate.

KleinTech Services to take part in International Railway Summit 2015

Feb 02, 2015 13:00 GMT International Railway Summit 2015 ​International Railway Journal and IRITS Events Ltd are delighted to announce the participation of KleinTech Services, machine vision and logistics automation experts, as a Gold Sponsor at International Railway Summit 2015. The summit takes place from 18-20 February 2015 in Barcelona.