Yours Magazine Loves NaturVits CoQ10

Sep 18, 2014 10:00 BST NaturVits NaturVits CoQ10 has been featured in the 'We Love' section on the Health & Vitality page in the 16th September issue (no 202) of leading over 50's publication Yours Magazine.

NaturVits CoQ10 Featured In September 2014 Issue Of Sixty Plus Surfers Online Magazine

Sep 18, 2014 09:46 BST NaturVits The September 2014 edition of Sixty Plus Surfers, the online magazine for the over sixties, featured the benefits of taking NaturVits CoQ10 in the Body Maintenance section, especially those lacking energy and stamina.

Natural Products Magazine Includes NaturVits CoQ10 In Menopause Hot Stocks

Sep 18, 2014 08:53 BST NaturVits NaturVits CoQ10, and the benefits of taking this one-a-day chewable dietary supplement, have been featured in the Hot Stocks section of the Menopause Feature in the September 2014 issue of Natural Products Magazine.

Beauty Spot Blogger - Keeping Healthy On The Go With NaturVits Omega-3 With Vitamin D3

Sep 08, 2014 11:34 BST NaturVits Beauty blogger, Laia, reviewed NaturVits Omega-3 With Vitamin D3 for Adults and said she loved taking these soft jelly drops as they are chewable and don't require water. She could therefore pop them in her handbag and take them as and when she remembered. Laia also liked the orange and lemon flavour and said they had no fishy aftertaste.

Bizzie Baby Website Reviews NaturVits Omega-3 With Vitamin D3 For Kids

Aug 29, 2014 15:52 BST NaturVits Three Bizzie Baby Website testers gave their children new NaturVits Omege-3 with Vitamin D3 for Kids and awarded these sugar-free one-a-day soft jelly drops 4, 4.5 and 4.8 out of 5.

Woman & Home Feel Good You Magazine Features NaturVits Range In Autumn 2014 Issue

Aug 28, 2014 16:34 BST NaturVits The NaturVits range of chewable dietary supplements, including Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 for Adults, CoQ10, Vitamin D3 and Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 for Kids, were featured on the Wellbeing Insider page of the Autumn 2014 issue of Woman & Home Feel Good You Magazine.

Bizzie Baby Tester Awards NaturVits Omega-3 With Vitamin D3 5/5

Aug 28, 2014 16:17 BST NaturVits Three testers for Bizzie Baby Website were recently sent NaturVits Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 for Adults to try. Their favourable reviews went live on the website today, including one reviewer awarding NaturVits full marks with 5/5.

She Said Beauty Website - 30 Something Mel's NaturVits CoQ10 Review

Aug 22, 2014 14:06 BST NaturVits The excellent review of NaturVits CoQ10 on 30 Something Mel beauty blog, was also featured in the beauty blogger section of She Said Beauty website on 29th July 2014.

NaturVits Quotation Appears In Health Food Business, August 2014 Heart Health Feature

Aug 22, 2014 14:02 BST NaturVits An extensive NaturVits quotation on the benefits of both Omega-3 fatty acids and CoQ10 were included in the Heart Health feature, which appeared in the August 2014 issue of Health Food Business Magazine.

Pharmacy Business Features NaturVits Omega-3 With Vitamin D3 For Kids

Aug 22, 2014 13:58 BST NaturVits The July 2014 issue of Pharmacy Business Magazine included coverage for NaturVits Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 for Kids as well as information on the independent clinical trial results conducted on this product in a large hospital setting.