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Walking in the footsteps of Poldark

Apr 16, 2015 12:52 BST Ramblers Worldwide Holidays Fans of BBC TV’s ‘Poldark’ series will be delighted to know that there are still a couple more episodes to run.

Languages generate growth

Apr 16, 2015 09:03 BST Semantix Research has shown that both small and medium-sized Swedish companies use fewer languages in their customer communication that the corresponding companies in other European countries.

Apr 15, 2015 11:17 BST Virtuous Women Empowering Forum Some people fight and win, some people fight and lose. What is the difference? What makes you different from a rich man, a successful one, a happy one? Mind. Perception. Vision.

The Oldest Female Competitive Bodybuilder

Apr 14, 2015 14:20 BST Virtuous Women Empowering Forum 77-year-old Edith Wilma Connor from Denver, Colorado is the Oldest Female Competitive Bodybuilder.

​Exploring Turkey’s Lycian Way

Apr 07, 2015 10:55 BST Ramblers Worldwide Holidays Janet and Terence Debourg were walking in the footsteps of ancients when they tackled the Lycian Way, Turkey’s long-distance footpath. They found it a great way to explore the Mediterranean coast and mountains and historic sites.

​A pension pot holiday?

Apr 02, 2015 16:28 BST Ramblers Worldwide Holidays April’s pension reforms could free up funds to be spent in any way you choose. Here, Martin Hesp, Editor-at-Large at the Western Morning News, explains why he thinks that a well-chosen walking holiday could be one of the best investments in wellbeing you could make.

​Walking among the ruins of Troy

Apr 02, 2015 15:18 BST Ramblers Worldwide Holidays Agnes Heringer has been a hiker all her life. She now lives in beautiful Canada, with plenty of walking opportunities to keep her happy. Having travelled widely with RWH, Turkey is her choice as her top walking destination.

Easter Time at Stoke Park

Apr 02, 2015 13:51 BST Stoke Park With the Easter Holidays here it’s the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the delights of Stoke Park in the spring sunshine. Nestled in 300 acres of Private Estate, Stoke Park is the perfect place to enjoy a few nights of bliss paired with days of fun filled activities for the whole family.

Crafting with wall murals this Easter

Apr 01, 2015 07:00 BST Photowall ​Easter is finally here. Here at the wall mural factory, we have made ornamental lanterns from the Beetles and Flourish motifs in our Peppercookies wall mural collection. They’re very easy to make – check out our guide and make your own in just a few minutes.

​Rum, Rastas and rambling – the Caribbean experience

Mar 31, 2015 11:29 BST Ramblers Worldwide Holidays Marval Grabner took on board some important lessons on our new Caribbean Explorer island-hopping trip!