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Titles of rejected book manuscripts are wanted for an artwork in memory of Stieg Larsson.

Sep 24, 2015 08:10 BST Ombud A public artwork will be erected in memory of the author of the Millennium-Trilogy, Stieg Larsson. The commissioned work, Bibliotheca Non Grata, is a library of rejected literature from all over the world, and established as well as unestablished are now invited to contribute to the artwork with the title of a book manuscript which has been rejected by a publisher.

PRAESA and Daniel Goldin to Göteborg Book Fair

Aug 25, 2015 08:46 BST Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award Several international reading promoters will visit Sweden and Göteborg Book Fair on September 24-27. This year’s laureate of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA), the South African organisation PRAESA, and Daniel Goldin, publisher and Director of the Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City, will participate in seminars and programs at the Swedish Art Council’s Young Stage (Ung scen).

Aug 13, 2015 22:35 BST Keltic Clothing Inspires Others to Overcome Abuse When It Seems that There is No Way Out

Moray book festival attracts TV's Kirsty Wark and 'Vera' author Ann Cleeves to Elgin

Aug 09, 2015 09:45 BST Moray Council ​ TV inquisitor and new author Kirsty Wark heads a spectacular line-up of appearances at Moray’s premier literary event, the Spirit of Moray Book Festival.

Aug 08, 2015 02:46 BST Keltic Clothing There is no doubt that, for most kids, healthy activities are much more fun and interesting when they are presented as a game.

Jul 29, 2015 23:09 BST Keltic Clothing Summer is here, and what better time to encourage a child to think about fun in the sun and the benefits of yoga at the same time?

Jul 02, 2015 09:45 BST Michael J Wormald Publishing Michael J Wormald is Author and creator of a new series of Novels: Falstaff Wild Michal is a struggling retiree due to M.E., a former Whistleblower who has a passion for the truth. He has turned his love of history into a and interesting and exciting book. Success will mean the difference between being able to support his family or bankruptcy, despite his medical retirement.

Jun 30, 2015 12:51 BST P.I. Alltraine United Kingdom – Set in London, Heartbound is the author’s first published novel and should appeal to young adults as well as female romantics and fantasy fans. It’s written in a fun and warm-hearted manner but leaves one of its main characters with an extremely serious decision to make.

Strong feelings when PRAESA received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2015

Jun 01, 2015 21:09 BST Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award It was an emotional moment when Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA) was presented to the South African reading promotion PRAESA by Swedish Minister for Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke. PRAESA, Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa, is the first laureate ever from the African continent.

Lena Kåreland new member of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award jury

May 28, 2015 12:24 BST Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award Today the Swedish Arts Council appointed Lena Kåreland as member of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award jury from July 1, 2015.