Road extension that will serve new arrivals and departures hall opens

Aug 27, 2015 12:00 BST Oslo Lufthavn AS The extension of the new road system was opened Wednesday the 25th of August outside the terminal at Oslo Airport. The road is built on a new bridge and runs past the train station and the new arrivals and departures hall currently under construction. The extension of the road system is part of the "new" Oslo Airport project scheduled for completion in April 2017.

Oslo Airport will introduce the use of particle detectors at security checkpoints starting 1 September

Aug 25, 2015 14:41 BST Oslo Lufthavn AS Oslo Airport will now implement a new part of EU security regulations. Random hand searches of passengers will be replaced by checks using particle detectors - Explosives Trace Detectors (ETD).

SAS expands services to the US with new direct flights

Aug 21, 2015 13:05 BST Oslo Lufthavn AS SAS yesterday presented its new direct route between Oslo and Miami, with start-up in 2016. SAS will also increase the number of departures between Oslo and New York.

Aug 21, 2015 09:57 BST DEWALT UK

Neopost white paper reveals how SMEs can digitise business processes

Aug 18, 2015 15:02 BST Neopost Neopost Limited, has produced a new white paper detailing how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can begin digitising their processes. The whitepaper covers various aspects of the digitisation process and explains how businesses can take the first step. Chapters include an in-depth look at the symptoms of a paper-reliant process, why SMEs should adopt a paper-light, not paper-free approach.

Norwegian launches direct flight between Oslo and Boston

Aug 18, 2015 07:40 BST Oslo Lufthavn AS Norwegian continues to offer new destinations in the US, and will start operating a new direct flight between Oslo Airport and Boston next year. “This is great news for Europeans and Americans who want comfortable and affordable transcontinental flights,” says managing director Bjørn Kjos of Norwegian.

Moray Council Gets Coverage Within Minutes Of Using Mynewsdesk Newsroom

Aug 14, 2015 17:18 BST Mynewsdesk Moray Council launched an interactive “virtual” newsroom as part of its website redesign and the new approach helped them generate online coverage within minutes of publishing. Here's how it panned out....

Being perceived as a 'tech brand' has never been more in vogue

Aug 14, 2015 09:00 BST Pearlfinders Pearlfinders' Editor Mike Thorne discusses the shifts in marketing strategy among tech brands with Event magazine

​elephant to host series of new market insight events

Aug 12, 2015 17:31 BST elephant communications In the coming months elephant will be hosting a series of free insight events, sharing findings from a number of new research reports.

Is Privacy Dead?

Aug 12, 2015 10:01 BST Schillings Jenny Afia, Partner at Schillings, writes for The Huffington Post.