A lack of time is no excuse for deprioritising customer loyalty

May 05, 2015 14:18 BST Netigate “No, there’s no time to measure and analyse customer loyalty. Focus is to prevent churn.” I hear variations on this statement every now and then from representatives of management teams. A lack of time is a modern phenomenon suffered by most companies. However, the argument above is like putting a plaster on an injury and hoping it will get better instead of trying to heal it from within.

Cell check spares women chemo for breast cancer: EndoPredict

Apr 27, 2015 14:02 BST Myriad Genetics Ltd

Chocolate and newsrooms boost Sick Children's Trust's fundraising

Apr 24, 2015 08:10 BST Mynewsdesk PR Manager Lizzie D'Angelo discusses how their Chocolate Tea Party has managed to attract industry influencers such as chocolatier Paul Young, and other chocolatey-celebs, to join the movement - and explains how their newsroom has helped them in fundraising and finding new audiences.

Direct to Puerto Rico

Apr 22, 2015 11:32 BST Oslo Lufthavn AS Norwegian opens new direct route from Oslo Airport to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Family Businesses, reputational risk and brand protection

Apr 20, 2015 13:52 BST Schillings Jenny Afia, Partner at Schillings, talks about the reputation risks facing family businesses.

HSJ 100: Meeting the efficiency challenge

Apr 16, 2015 08:45 BST Fortrus Newsroom ​The HSJ 100: Meeting the efficiency challenge, a Round Table to be held on the 21st April 2015 in association with Fortrus Ltd and Hunter Healthcare.

Apr 15, 2015 19:21 BST Louise Ferdinand Lingerie These are pictures from our recent shoot to highlight our Bridal range; Audrey. Photographed to highlight ist fresh and whimsical look...

Innovation Norway and Avinor wins best destination marketing award

Apr 15, 2015 14:35 BST Oslo Lufthavn AS Yesterday, Innovation Norway and Avinor won the "Best Destination Marketing" award at the Routes Europe 2015 event in Aberdeen, Scotland.

From blanketing to targeted comms: newsroom strategy helps Neopost find relevant audiences

Apr 13, 2015 13:30 BST Mynewsdesk Claire Dodds, Marketing Communications Manager at Neopost Ltd, tells how Mynewsdesk has helped her to reach the right audiences, encourage web visits and raise Neopost's brand awareness.

- We will focus on intercontinental routes!

Apr 08, 2015 09:37 BST Oslo Lufthavn AS Jasper Spruit (39) has been appointed as Avinor’s new Director of Traffic Development. Spruit will have comprehensive responsibility for Avinor’s national and international focus for route development.