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Nov 17, 2015 10:32 GMT Relacom Relacom has sold its Swedish subsidiary Orbion Consulting AB to the Nordic technology consultancy company Rejlers AB. As a consequence Relacom will have access to a large consulting organization that can strengthen the company's offering in all business areas: Mobile and fibre networks, Power and M2M/Internet of Things.

Jul 15, 2015 19:36 BST Market Report The global market of laser processing is expected to grow to $17.36 billion by 2020 from its 2013 market size of $ 11.24 billion, at an estimated CAGR of 6.18% between 2014 and 2020. Some of the key players are Coherent, Inc., Epilog Laser, Rofin-Sinar technologies, Newport Corporation, Laserstar Technologies Corporation, and IPG Photonics Corporation.

Panasonic launches Smart Home system in the UK

Jul 06, 2015 15:30 BST Panasonic UK News Network of cameras, sensors and smart plugs to monitor your home via your smart device and provide peace of mind

Jun 11, 2015 18:37 BST New Media Consultants I’m just about to finish a 26 year career in the Armed forces and for the last 8 years of that career I have been working on the delivery of digital content to soldiers over the Internet. I was also offering advice to people regarding projects outside of their present employment, this advice was normally given during my lunch hour over a coffee and that’s how the Work 4 Coffee concept was born.

Relacom signs major deal in Norway with Telenor and Canal Digital

Oct 13, 2014 14:16 BST Relacom Relacom has signed a comprehensive five-year contract in Norway with Telenor Norge AS and Canal Digital Kabel TV AS, within which Relacom will cater for development, delivery and operation of the two companies’ infrastructure in Norway.

Mar 10, 2014 17:37 GMT Relacom Relacom reorganises its senior management to strengthen its operations in the countries where it operates. The local management in each country will have greater operational responsibilities, and the board will take a more active role.

SITS14: New exhibitors and exclusive product launches announced

Mar 05, 2014 16:08 GMT Diversified Communications UK

Titanic exhibition still drawing in new people 25 million visitors later

Jan 07, 2014 13:07 GMT imagineear ltd Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is continuing to reach new audiences. Despite having been viewed by 25 million people in countries from Singapore to Estonia, there is still huge demand to experience the century-old maritime tragedy.

imagineear creates interactive Museum tour with Liverpool Football Club

Nov 13, 2013 17:42 GMT imagineear ltd imagineear has launched an interactive museum tour with Liverpool Football Club. Fans will now be offered a personal multimedia tablet, the MPtouch™ when they begin their visit to the club’s home ground, Anfield. The interactive tour is an integral part of the visitors’ experience as they make their way through the museum.

New project launched for visually impaired visitors at East Lothian cultural centre in Haddington

Nov 13, 2013 17:02 GMT imagineear ltd The John Gray Centre has created an audio descriptive tour of its ‘The land, the sea, the people’ exhibition. The project, called the ‘Talking Museum’, means that visitors can now pick up an imagineear audio guide which provides a description of the appearance of some of the museum’s most striking objects and displays.