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Mar 10, 2014 17:02 GMT TPoll The GSMA Intelligence prediction that the number of mobile connections will exceed the number of people on the planet demonstrates how being ‘always connected’ has become embedded with everyday life. A major driver in this has been the growth in social media, games, email and the desire to constantly interact through our devices.

Nov 29, 2013 13:58 GMT

Nov 21, 2013 08:46 GMT TPoll A 10th coffee free doesn't determine loyalty to the restaurant or QSR with todays Youth. Many volume based loyalty plans are 'nice to haves' and are often, only used by Generation Y as and when they remember. Tpoll Youth Eating Habits 2013 study reveals over 10 different ways to retain key customers predominantly, by providing a personalised experience

Nov 12, 2013 15:08 GMT

Nov 08, 2013 14:14 GMT

Nov 06, 2013 18:44 GMT TPoll As Generation Y are eating out more often, restaurants and QSRs trying to engage with todays Youth need to do more than offer deals and bonuses. According to Tpoll's Youth Eating Habits 2103 study, young customers want to co-create their experiences with a more personalised and emotionally involving environment

Oct 28, 2013 10:23 GMT

Oct 24, 2013 16:17 BST TPoll Tpoll’s recent “Youth Eating Habits” research reveals the challenges Generation Y face balancing a desire to eat healthily with the convenience of fitting food into their hectic schedules. Over 50% are now skipping breakfast at home regularly and while eating out occasions have overall increased, the most important selection criteria for eating out in QSR's and restaurants is quality & health

Oct 08, 2013 13:20 BST TPoll Tpoll's 2013 Youth Eating Out research study has been completed and both this years' insight and the trend data, demonstrates interesting changes in the way Generation Y choose and engage when eating-on-the-go or dining in. Loyalty is becoming a significant influence for Youth however, it's the how-to, the comm's and the format that holds the value

Costa reaffirms Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability credentials with new packaging

Sep 16, 2013 09:05 BST COSTA COFFEE New packaging uses fewer resources and positions Costa as the first UK coffee retailer to display the Government’s voluntary nutritional labeling scheme.