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L'Arte del Furturo. Marcel Schreur to show "Trust" - 'Violet' in Rome.

Mar 24, 2015 22:20 GMT Marcel Schreur Next week from the 31st of March untill the 11th of April, Marcel Schreur is exhibiting two of his works at the prestigous Quirinale - Teatro dei Dioscuri in Rome. An amazing abstract, hand drawn in only seven and a half minutes and then painted was his first abstract to be executed under his "Freedom of movement" expression. Following his heart and drawing from his free spirit. "Trust" it is.

"Stop bullying me" - An artistic take on an awful behavioural phenomenon; bullying.

Mar 21, 2015 12:38 GMT Marcel Schreur Marcel Schreur,the original Dutch artist,is addressing another painful issue in contemporary society.Young or old,rich or poor,strong or weak.In every layer of society we are bearing the brunt of this intimidating behaviour.Marcel says"In essence it is"the right of the strongest",driving this malignant growth.Often inherited from the past,copied by the young,monetised by the clever.Bullying?Awful.

Affordable Art Fair . Marcel Schreur to show an extraordinary blend of his work, next week in Battersea Park, London.

Mar 05, 2015 16:52 GMT Marcel Schreur Marcel Schreur, the original Dutch artist, will show a wide variety of his styles and expressions on this ever popular London Art event in Battersea Park. Galgiardi Gallery of the Kings Road in Chelsea will have a variety of Marcel's landscapes, portraits and abstracts to show next week. It is a good opportunity to see the work of this up and coming international artist in a buzzing environment.

"Girl Power" to hit New York. Marcel Schreur to exhibit in the US for the first time.

Feb 09, 2015 12:29 GMT Marcel Schreur Marcel Schreur,the original Dutch artist,living and working in London,will take part in the Vertigo Art Salon from the 17th to the 19th of February.At an exciting location just of Time Square.After a successful show at the London Art Biennale the US public will be able to see his work for the first time. "Girl Power" is a perfect example of this up and coming artists work, Van Gogh meets Picasso.

London Art Biennale a great success." Life is Beautiful". Indeed.

Jan 31, 2015 21:08 GMT Marcel Schreur Last weekend saw the end of the London Art Biennale in the Old Town Hall in Chelsea.Thousands of visitors experienced an extraordinary blend of multicultural art. 5 continents,40 countries and 140 artists found it to be the perfect platform and meeting place to interact with each other and the public.An overwhelming response to Marcel Schreur's artwork "Life is beautiful!" A fitting reflection.

Aim for the horizon, keep going and never give up hope. An inspiring video.

Dec 14, 2014 20:53 GMT Marcel Schreur Marcel Schreur loves sunrise and sunset. He says "At the start but especially at the end of every day a good sunset works wonders with me. It is humbling and reminds me of our position in life. I can rest assured. Today is gone, tomorrow is a brand-new day. New challenges but also new opportunities. I can bow my head and surrender.

"Unity in diversity" exhibition in Levanto, Liguria, Italy was a success. A video compilation.

Dec 14, 2014 20:33 GMT Marcel Schreur Marcel Schreur exhibited in Levanto in Italy in September.It was a great success.The London based artist was able to share his unique and varied styles with the Italian public.A truly wonderful compilation of conceptual art, landscapes, portraits and innovating abstracts were on show in the Old Town Hall. The original Dutch artist expects for the exhibition to move to Rome next.

"It's a beautiful day!". Marcel's largest landscape painting to hit the Kings Road in Chelsea, London

Nov 14, 2014 19:29 GMT Marcel Schreur Marcel Schreur, the original Dutch artist, saw his largest works to date on the wall of Gagliardi Gallery on the Kings Road in Chelsea, London. He says "After working on them for months it was an epic moment to see these works in the right light and a good wall space." These unique and absorbing works were very well received. On show from this week in the oldest contemporary art gallery in London.

"Life is Beautiful. Always". Visual artist Mas.s responds to Brittany Maynard in a deeply inspiring video testimonial.

Oct 28, 2014 21:50 GMT Marcel Schreur On Saturday 1st November 2014,Maynard calls upon Death with Dignity Act to prematurely end her life and suffering.Production company LIBá felt compelled to share Marcel Schreur's deeply moving and inspiring story."Life is beautiful. Always"says Schreur,himself a long term cancer patient,diagnosed by Specialists as a medical phenomenon.The London based artist says"My art is an Expression of Life."

Mas.s showed his work in three exciting locations in Central London last week.

Sep 28, 2014 22:40 BST Marcel Schreur Mas.s, the original Dutch artist, can look back on an extraordinary week. Exposing his work in three exciting locations in Central London. "The Chianciano Biennale in London", 30 artists where invited to show their work in the Gagliardi Gallery in Chelsea, "The Tunnel Project" an international group exhibition in Fitzrovia and the ongoing exposition of 5 works in Farm Street Church in Mayfair.