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"Supermodels". Two eyes, a nose and a mouth. I am. A supermodel.

Jul 17, 2014 21:20 BST Mas.s Contemporary society models our perception of beauty and strength.Mas.s, the original Dutch artist,challenges the in his view "frightening" benchmark in his latest work.We all have, two eyes a nose and a mouth.That makes me unique and therefor I am a supermodel.Peerpressure,marketing,elitism drive the whole supermodel mania. Idols have replaced icons. A sad reflection on who we ought to be.Be you.

George Clooney Vs The Daily Mail

Jul 14, 2014 12:12 BST Schillings George Clooney defends future mother-in-law against Daily Mail

Why we need Technology Justice

Jul 10, 2014 16:49 BST Practical Action Practical Action CEO Simon Trace introduces the concept of technology Justice and why it matters so much.

The Myners’ Report on the Co-operative Group

May 08, 2014 09:53 BST Wales Co-operative Centre The keenly anticipated Myners’ Report into issues at the troubled Co-operative Group was published yesterday. Wales Co-operative Centre Chief Executive Derek Walker discusses its implications.

Continued support for Credit Union co-operatives is vital

May 07, 2014 14:50 BST Wales Co-operative Centre Derek Walker, Chief Executive of the Wales Co-operative Centre welcomes recent Welsh Government support for Credit Unions in Wales.

May 02, 2014 08:58 BST Wales Co-operative Centre This year the John Lewis Partnership celebrates a milestone anniversary that very few businesses can claim. 2014 marks 150 years since John Lewis opened his drapery shop in Oxford Street in London.

Claudia dreams of walking

Apr 28, 2014 14:55 BST Tree of Hope After several tests I was diagnosed with Tetralegia Celebral Palsy. When I reached the age of two I started having epilepsy attacks which were followed by days spent at the hospital which caused delays in my development. My last epilepsy attack resulted in intubation even after doctors spent two hours trying to stop the seizure.

Brainwave Max

Apr 28, 2014 14:54 BST Tree of Hope Max was born premature at 33+4 weeks in January 2012 fighting an infection which could have very easily become fatal. Even though he was strong and fought off the infection with the help of antibiotics, we found out after a MRI scan, that he had suffered a moderate level of brain damage.

Learning to do a forward roll

Apr 28, 2014 14:51 BST Tree of Hope Conrad was born at 28 weeks premature in Coventry along with his twin brother. The boys suffered a ‘Twin to Twin Transfusion’ while in the womb because they were ‘identical’ and were delivered by emergency c-section.

Help Grace walk

Apr 28, 2014 14:49 BST Tree of Hope Grace has Cerebral Palsy. She was unable to roll over or crawl until she was 4 years old, couldn’t stand, and was told she would never walk.