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Are you competitive? A benchmark just for UK’s MNOs and MVNOs

Jun 29, 2016 08:52 BST
For four consecutive years, tefficient has benchmarked operators in Sweden, Finland, No...

Tizen Association gets 15 new members

Feb 17, 2014 17:53 GMT

Allan Greve joins tefficient as associate managing director and co-owner

Sep 02, 2013 06:30 BST
With Allan Greve joining as associate managing director and co-owner 1 September, teffi...

Why Vodafone's 4g is not just about speed for businesses

Why Vodafone's 4g is not just about speed for businesses

Aug 11, 2013 18:38 BST
There's good news for businesses: Vodafone Ultrafast 4g is coming to London on the 29th...

Efficiency Index – the global benchmark with the shortest output and the best ROI – in new 2013/2014 version

Aug 05, 2013 16:21 BST
The Efficiency Index, which now comes in a new version for 2013/2014, compares the effi...

Network sharing JVs demonstrate elevated efficiency levels

Jun 24, 2013 07:34 BST
The first-ever efficiency benchmark with a peer group solely consisting of network shar...

Vodafone shares jump by 5%

Apr 02, 2013 14:31 BST

No point comparing with operators: Network sharing JVs get their own efficiency benchmark

Dec 17, 2012 14:08 GMT
Since MBNL was established in the UK, network sharing joint ventures have been establis...

Unlimited allowances keep voice stable, but can’t save SMS

Nov 26, 2012 09:59 GMT
Mobile data traffic continues to grow without any sign of saturation – not even if the ...