Press Releases

Feb 13, 2012 14:28 GMT 27stars One of the region’s brightest young IT companies has made sure it gets noticed as staff travel around – by branding up a pair of cool Ford KAs. Software development and website design company 27stars Ltd, which has offices in Shrewsbury and Welshpool, commissioned Oswestry-based Scotprint UK to create a distinctive livery for the vehicles.

Jan 12, 2012 12:29 GMT 27stars 27stars has been appointed by Click Wills to develop a major new online consumer will writing service, scheduled for UK launch in September/October 2011. “We were extremely impressed with the track record, technical expertise and project management skills of 27stars”

Oct 07, 2011 14:03 BST 27stars The secret to successful collaboration with a web developer for a startup or small business often lies in making sure you focus on a few key points: being able to draw on both technical and business skills, good communication channels, and a development specification which satisfies your business and budgetary needs.