Press Releases

Loxysoft establishes an office in the US

Apr 29, 2015 08:52 BST Loxysoft AB Loxysoft and its owners have made a strategic decision to strengthen its presence in the US market by establishing Loxysoft Inc. with a local office in the United States. Head of the US operations is Emma Skygebjerg, previously working as CEO at Loxysoft Workforce Management AB in Gothenburg.

Loxysoft AB acquires Dolphin AS and forms Loxysoft Group

Jan 21, 2015 07:30 GMT Loxysoft AB Loxysoft AB, which today is the most successful provider of products and services for the contact center industry, acquires Dolphin Software AS of Verdane Capital VI, Verdane Capital VII and Via Venture Partners and form Loxysoft Group.

Mar 18, 2011 22:48 GMT Blue Mobile Systems UK Ltd

Jul 05, 2010 13:45 BST Isys Intelligent Systems Isys Intelligent Systems have supplied V-Cars with a time and attendance system to help them manage personnel at their call centres, they are already seeing a massive decrease in the time spent on administration tasks, they estimate 2/3rd less time is now dedicated to this.