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Mobile pulse: Who we talk to the most on our mobiles

Press release   •   Mar 13, 2015 11:00 GMT

(Fornebu, 13 March 2015) Norwegian men talk most to their spouse, sweetheart or partner using their mobile phones, while Norwegian women are significantly better at calling their children than men. 

This is shown by the results of a nationwide survey undertaken by Norstat on behalf of Telenor.
Almost 4 out of 10 people state they talk most to their partner using their mobile. For women, this figure is 30 per cent, while 45 per cent of men say they call their partners the most.
A total of 17 per cent say they talk the most to their children on their mobiles, and there is a major difference between the sexes in this respect.

'The findings suggest that women are more focused on calling their kids than men. 28 per cent of women call their kids more than anyone else. The corresponding figure for men is 7 per cent. In contrast, a proportion of 2 out of 10 men talk to colleagues and work contacts the most using their mobiles,' says Bjørn Ivar Moen, Head of the Mobile Division at Telenor. 

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There are also major regional differences. In Northern Norway and Southern Norway regions (including Telemark), 23 per cent say they call their kids the most. But the corresponding figure in Oslo is only 11 per cent.

Better calling experience
The study reveals that 1 out of 2 people use their mobile phone the most to make calls. Moen is closely following the mobile habits of Norwegians and characterises the findings as interesting.

'This is the first time we have identified Norwegians' calling habits in a mass survey. The emergence of the smartphone means our customers are using an increasing amount of mobile data traffic, but traditional calls are irreplaceable and remain an essential service that Norwegians value highly,’ says Moen.

Telenor has also been working to improve the calling experience on its mobile network through HD Voice. Almost 50 per cent of mobile phones on Telenor's network now support this service. HD Voice removes background noise and offers crystal clear sound during calls.

'During the course of the year, Telenor will also launch calls on its 4G network. This technology will, in addition to HD Voice, provide instant connections for calls, better coverage because 4G frequencies can be used for calls, and better battery life for your mobile phone. Furthermore, 4G speeds will remain available for other services while you are talking. All in all, this will raise the mobile experience for our customers,' says Moen.

Facts – who we talk to using our mobiles
All figures are percentages.
1. Sweetheart/spouse/partner: 37
2. Children: 17
3. Mother: 14
4. Friends: 12
5. Work contacts/customers: 9
6. Colleagues: 5
7. Father: 2
8. Others: 2
9. Lover: 1

Women talk the most to:
1. Sweetheart/spouse/partner: 30
2. Children: 28
3. Mother: 19
4. Friends: 12
5. Work contacts/customers: 5
6. Colleagues: 3
7. Father: 2
8. Others: 2
9. Lover: 0

Men talk the most to:
1. Sweetheart/spouse/partner: 45
2. Work contacts/customers: 14
3. Friends: 12
4. Mother: 9
5. Colleagues: 7
6. Children: 7
7. Father: 3
8. Others: 2
9. Lover: 1

Source: Norstat

Facts – Telenor in February:
• 4G was activated at 72 base stations across the country during February.
• 3 out of 4 phones on Telenor's mobile network are smartphones.
• The iPhone 5S is the most common phone on Telenor's network.
• Telenor's customers sent 404 million text messages in February.

Every month, Telenor takes the pulse of Norwegians' mobile habits and the latest trends in data usage, smartphones, mobile services, and text messaging/MMS messaging.

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