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Top speed for all Telenor customers

Press Release   •   Nov 16, 2016 09:30 GMT

(Fornebu, 16 November 2016) Since September, all private and business customers of Telenor have been enjoying unbridled speeds on the mobile network. The reception from customers has been universally positive. Telenor is today announcing that its free speed service will be included in all Telenor subscriptions going forward - at no extra cost.

The 'fri fart’ free speed service, which was originally intended to last until the end of the year, provides private and business customers with unlimited access to the download and upload capacity provided by the mobile network - in plain terms the maximum speed available - wherever they may be and any time.

‘Customers can expect to see speeds on their mobiles of up to 100 Mbit/s, but higher speeds may be achievable if the conditions are favourable,’ says Bjørn Ivar Moen, Head of the Mobile Division at Telenor. 

Network dealing with increase
Experience from the promotional period has shown that the free speed service adds a new dimension for customers when they use their mobiles. 

‘Unlimited speed means that your mobile experience is inherently better. Our mobile network is more robust than ever, and is more than able to deal with us giving all our customers unlimited speed,’ says Moen.

He emphasises that the speeds experienced are reliant on various conditions including mobile network capacity at the time in question, the number of simultaneous users and the type of mobile you use. These are just some of the factors that affect actual and experienced speeds on mobiles. 

Leaders in 4G+
Telenor has been developing its mobile network for some time in order to provide what is known as 4G+. In practice, this means that the mobile network is better equipped to deal with lots of traffic while also being suited to providing higher speeds to customers. 

‘Telenor has expanded its 4G+ coverage to more than twice as many municipalities as any other provider, and we have the most base stations in Norway by far. Our free speed service will really come into its own when your mobile is connected to 4G+,’ says Moen. 

Businesses embracing speed
Ove Fredheim, CMO Business at Telenor, believes that unlimited speed is particularly important for business customers across Norway. 

‘Today’s business customers are dependent on good internet and data connections to get the job done - regardless of where they are,’ says Fredheim. 

‘The news about our free speed service on the mobile network is something businesses have been clamouring for as they are reliant on being able to download or send large volumes of data - whether they are lawyers, constructions workers or consultants. That’s before we even mention municipalities who are constantly digitising an increasing number of their services. In this respect, the mobile has become an extremely important tool for work for everything from health and care services to the government’s technical initiatives,’ says Fredheim. 

The free speed service is available on all call and mobile broadband subscriptions offered by the Telenor brand.

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